Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rahul Sameera Singh - actor to direction

Although politics runs in his family,youngster Rahul sameera Singh feels that he is made for the world of showbiz.After acting in serials and participating in advertisements,Rahul has now flunged himself in directions.

Rahul says “ The director of a film is like the captain of the ship as he has to control everything.Being the director depends on you on how you shoot a particular scene.With proper direction,if scenes are directed properly that it will have a fine dramatic and cinematic appeal.
Rahul has directed and financed Bhojpuri films but as an actor, he feels that he should act in Hindi films only.Rahul has quite kind enough to give break to many upcoming actors in his films as he feels that every film is made by good actors and not stars.

Rahul has desired of opening his own Acting Academy after he retires from directions. Rahul’s idol is Shaharukh Khan and he feels that he resembles the Super Star.He shares his views about cinema too, says” Cinema is actually a very responsible medium.It can shape the future of a society while questioning the past and altering the present.My choice to an extent was for survival,but more than that I had to give a message to the society.If everyone does their work with precision and honesty,things would be much better today”.

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