Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yogesh Gidwani (bollywood bloom)

Tall and Handsome Yogesh Gidwani....Aab ke baras sawan mein aag lage jeevan mein, ghata .....

Rajendra Ganotra and Vijay Shanker speak to Yogesh Gidwani a model from Chembur. Yogesh Gidwani, an upcoming model and an actor was born and brought up in Mumbai.He had complete his graduation but the city soon made him realise his ambition to become a successful actor.With no contacts and no clue where to start from today he talks his journey of trasformation from a model to a passionate actor.

Q) Who inspired you to become an actor?
A) Mithundada.

Q) What makes you an actor?
A) I am a sensitive person and acting comes naturally to me.

Q) Which film you wish you could be part of?
A) Disco Dancer.

Q) From which movie , dialogue have you mouthed in front of the camera the most?
A) Movie from Suraksha

Q) Which actress you would love to go on a date with?
A) Ranjeeta

Q) What qualities do you look for women?
A) Woman should have lots of patience.

Q) Do you feel pop music is on a down slide right now?
A) No not now.

Q) Was it right time to enter from modelling to film industry?
A) Yes, it is the right time for me now.

Q) Any difficulty in getting roles in Bollywood?
A) I am in touch with many co-ordinaters and getting good response.

Q) How will you describe "love"?
A) Love is selfless for me. I don't believe in one way traffic, it should be two way.

Q) You are still single?How many proposals do you get in a day?
A) I am not interested in proposals right now.

Q) Are you not interested in friendship?
A) I am interested, but for short time.

Q) Anything else to declare?
A) Mobile number--9920961744,9224220004

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