Friday, November 21, 2008

'Creative Expressions' by Leading Artists..!

At ArtDesh the Studio, Tardeo, Mumbai on 20Nov 2008 Mr Pritish Nandi inaugurated Creative Expressions, a series of paintings by 10 artists from different regions of India. This group was formed by two very senior artists Mr Dhiren Sasmal (Kolkata) and Mrs Chandana Khan (Hyderabad) around five years back. They have been doing shows all over India, sometimes interchanging the members keeping the core group intact. Hence this group show has included three artists from Mumbai Debjani Datta, Ananya Banerjee and Nirmala Pillai.

Dhiren Sasmal feels" The young talents from different parts of the country need to be encouraged and given the scope to express their creativity. We have plans to introduce Art Camps, where we will invite different artists and then it will be easier for us to choose them and their work too for our Group Exhibitions." Where Chandana had a view, "they are also given the space and freedom to express their creativity; we do not impose our thought on them but ofcourse we do stress a lot on new forms of expressions through their own talents."

This time the artists were Dhiren Sasmal, Chandana Khan, Ashok Ganguly, Tarun Chakraborty, Nirmala Pillai, Debjani Datta, Anannya Banerjee, Subrata Sen, Sujit Ghosh and the most senior artist in all of them Samir Aich (who couldn't make to this exhibition at Mumbai as he had other assignments in Kolkatta).

Pritish Nandi says about the exhibition, "I have been invited in many exhibitions and those shows were predictable, but I am really happy to visit here and finding new talents with a perfect blend of skills and flavors."

Among the other artists and celebs were Chiru Chakravarty with wife Rachna, Prithvi Soni, Daxa Khandwala, Rupali Madan, Piu Sarkar, Viren Shah, Shammi Kapoor's son Adiya Raj Kapoor with wife Priti Kapoor, Vijay Kalantari, Nirmal Jhaveri, Navin Gandharv and the owner of ArtDesh the Studio Bharat Patel with wife Renu Patel.

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