Friday, November 21, 2008

Apple Music's New Album 'Nazrein Milane Waali' with Mika & Arshi

Mika and Arshi are shooting for a new video for their new album Nazrein Milane waali for a new music label Apple Music.This is the fifth video in a row for Arshi in less than 3 months.She is very exited to do the video with Mika.This is first album where Mika is singer,lyricist,composer,model and performer in the video.Arshi s playing the main girl in the video.Its a romantic video where both the artist has six dress changes.The cost of video is more than 20 lakhs which is higher than other normal videos.The shoot of the video is for three days.Mika is very happy as he is shooting for this album.Mika met Arshi in a event recently at Andhrei where he asked her to become a part of his next video.Arshi was very nervous on first day of shoot as she was afraid of Mika but after the first shot she was very comfortable. All the best.

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