Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aerobics and Dance (In the Rain)

Aerobics exercise is an activity that uses large muscles groups,can be maintained continuously for a long period of time and is rhythmic in nature.Aerobic exercises train the heart,lungs and theMeet Krrish Baba ,who is famed aerobics instructor.Some of the celebrities trained by him are Anamika,Rajiv Anand,Sonu etc.Here is the exclusive interview taken by Rajendra Ganotra and Vijay Shanker.

Q) Which is the best season for aerobics exercise?
A) Exercise has to be done throughout the year.But,during rainy season,it is advisable to do .There is a lot of changes in climate after summer season. Suddenly you are arrived in such a cool climate.You got relife from sweating and moisture.During rainy season you can more concentrate on your body and diet.You are having such a good time to do aerobics during this season.

Q)What is aerobics?
A) Aerobics is a particular form of exercise.Aerobics classes generally involve rapid patterns performed to music with cues provided by an instructor.The literal meaning of aerobics is with oxygen i.e. aerobics helps us to use oxygen more and more efficiently by conditioning the heart and lungs.This helps in the reduction of stress and weight control.Aerobics exercises have a wide range of benefits such as they encourage cardiovascular and muscular fitness and increase flexibility.Aerobic workouts are great for building a stronger heart and leaner body,lowering cholesterol and improving sleep patterns.

Q) Krrish,What is this aerobics exercises?
A) The word aerobics means with oxygen or in the presence of o cardivascular system to process and deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently to every part of the body.

As the heart muscle become stronger and more efficient, a larger amount of blood can be pumped with each stroke.Fewer strokes are then required to rapidly transport oxygen to all parts of the body.An aerobically fit individual can work longer,more recovery at the end of an aerobics session.

Q) Baba, What is muscles training?
A) Muscle training is an intergral part of any programme.After muscle trainingour bodies continue to burn fat for many hours.A combination of aerobics,muscle training,a proper diet and stretching is an excellent programme for getting fit and staying healthy in this rainy season.

Q) What is Aqua aerobics?
A) Aqua aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercise in water such as a swimming pool or in the rain.In some area it is known as Aqua Fit.

Q) What are the benefits of Aqua aerobics?
A) There are many benefits of aerobics in the water.Water related exercises increase your cardiovascular fitness as well as improving overall stregth.Also,as the water provides support for the body,the risk of muscle or joint injury in aquatic sports is greatly reduced.A great advantage in aqua-aerobics is as it is usually performed in water,both swimmers and non-swimmers can participate.

Q) What are the advantages and dis-advantages of Aqua-aerobics?
A) The advantages are water provides sufficient support for your body.This greatly reduces for your body.This greatly reduces the risk of any bone,joint or muscle injuries.
It can improve flexibility without causing excess pressure on joints.Exercise in water can be much more comfortable than exercise based on land.his is because during the workout,water continually cools the body and you don’t feel the effect of sweat.
The only dis-advantage is that it requires access to a pool and so can be done in swimming pool .The cost of these programmes may vary.You don’t burn as many calories as you would in a form of weight-bearing exercise,as the water in a form supports most of your body’s weight..

Q) How can aqua aerobics reduce stress?
A) Most sports will usually help reduce stress,regardless of whether they are aquatic sports or not.This is the case mainly because when you are doing any particular sport you tend to focus on what you are doing rather than whatever is causing you the stress.Also,the rhythmic movements which are used in aerobics can have a positive effect on physical as well as mental well-being and this in turn affect your overall outlook on life.

Q) What are the advantage of being an aerobic instructor and dancer together?
A) The combination of both aerobic and dance is like you are ruling the state with majority and no dependence for other minority group.The rhythmic movements which are used in aerobics can have a good effect on your whole body.

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