Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nandana Sen gets a standing ovation!

Nandana Sen had a special preview of Rang Rasiya recently. The actress got lots of compliments for her performance in the film. A close friend of Nandana revealed, "Her dad loved the film. It was a great feeling for Nandana. Her father congratulated Ketan Mehta several times for making such classic. Nandana's father admired Ketan Mehta's for making a film that puts across a strong political statement so relevant today's time. He also felt proud of Nandana and said that it was worth it flying down from China to watch the film. Meghnad Desai was present too." Meghnad loved Nandana's performance too. The friend continued saying, "He noticed Nandana's performance very minutely and complimented her on the finer nuances and expressions that she gave in the film. Meghnad's detailed remarks took Nandana by surprise. She was truly touched." The friend revealed that the story of Rang Rasiya was so moving that the audience was in tears by the end of it. "Tears had welled up in the audience's eyes. Nandana was overwhelmed by the response. She was a little embarrassed too because she is not used to the attention." The friend added, "Rang Rasiya also had a screening at Galle, Sri Lanka. Nandana got a standing ovation. The media asked her the most incredible questions and it was also a time where she received the most hugs from strangers than she had got from friends and colleagues."

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