Friday, November 14, 2008

Sammir’s Brazilian fetish!

Sammir Dattani shot glamorous photographs with a Brazilian model for a magazine cover. The model was completed bowled over by Dattani's boyish charm. Sammir on the other hand found the model to be hot and sexy. "She is too hot to handle," Sammir said grinning The sizzling cover promises to spark off rage on levels-- national and international. A close friend of Sammir revealed, "Sammir and the Brazilian model had fun shooting the cover together. Because she was from Brazil, Sammir made her familiar a bit with Mumbai city and cultures and traditions of India. While she shared with Sammir the customs of Brazil. She told Sammir that if he ever travels to Brazil he was most welcome to stay over her place."
Now that invitation Sammir can never turn down.

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