Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jaspinder Narula's Birthday party - 3 in 1 Dhamaal ek saath

Jaspinder Narula organised party for three things-first her birthday,second she got DR degree in hindustani classical music and third recently she won Dhoom Macha De reality show.She reached early with her brother Micky Narula for the party to receive all her guest at Renaissance club,Andheri.Anand Milind were the first to come for the party.Jaspinder was very happy and she told everyone that Anand Milind were the first music director who gave her the break.The party was very nice.Other guest who came for the party were-Khayyam,Abhijeet,Viju Shah,Amit and Kamini Khanna,Anu Kapoor,Jatin Pandit,Sameer,Sudhanshu Pandey,Anu and Shashi Ranjan,Nethra Raghuraman. Mika was the last to come for the party.Cake was made in three floors as there was celebration for three events.The party went till 12.30 midnight.

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