Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nirupam’s Voter Enrolment program picks up as celebraties join in

Kim Sharma and Shambhavna Seth visited one of the voters enrollment center set up by Sanjay Nirupam at Lokhandwala to get their voting cards made.

Sanjay Nirupam has started an extensive drive to encourage and help common citizens to get their name enrolled in the voter list as part of the ongoing Voters enrollment drive. He along with his representatives is taking efforts to not only increase awareness but also assist citizens in filling the voters form and other procedures.

It is a notable fact that citizens have been taking notice to this and have been getting in touch with Sanjay Nirupam to inquire about voters ID card forms and procedures. And forms have been sent out not just to the callers but their entire societies, hence enhancing enrollment.

And now it seems that it's not just the commoners that have been responding so well. An increasing number of celebrities have also started coming in for information and taking the initiative. Kim Sharma and Shambhavana Seth got down from the buildings to the center located in their area to fill up their forms and were very enthusiastic.

At the same center comedy artist Raju Shrivastav and Ahsaan Qureshi joined the drive.

Arrangements done by Sanjay Nirupam-

To start with around 50 centers have been arranged where Nirupam's Representatives will be seated with the forms and anybody in the area can visit these centers and enroll themselves.

The centers are located in areas easily accessible to people like Mega mall, Yari Road, 7 Bungalows, Lokhandwala covering area from Juhu to Goregoan.

After printing around 1,00,000 forms for these centers he also has plans to distribute them in the buildings in the same area via the Chairman/ Secretary of the buildings.

To further make the process easier for citizens, if citizens do not have passport size photographs, Photographers have also been arranged to get instant photos clicked.


Sanjay Nirupam
Omkar Prarthana CHS,
Opp. Vijay Nagar Soc.,
Sahar Road, Sambhaji Nagar,
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400069.

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