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Gavie Chahal-The new star of Indian Film Industry

Gavie Chahal's real name is Navdeepak Singh Chahal.He arrived in Mumbai three years ago.After a brief stint in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Gavie returned to Punjab to try his luck in Punjabi films.He took up" Mohe Rang De" because it promised to be a clutter breaker. A self -confessed"hot -blooded guy who loves action scenes," Gavie was to shoot his introduction scene in a two-seater aircraft which didn't materialise.The actor is nervous about scenes it which he barely has lines.His car rammed into co-star Prabhleen during one sequence.

Gavie says that since it was a vintage car ,it took a while to brake it to a halt.Prabhleen's leg was injured.Did she scold him? "Marna hai usko mujhe daant ke?" ho mocks-growls.
Tell me, can an actor be as shy as you are? He says," Ha, yeah I'm shy but I've done pretty well by being shy so far.Which role are you most ease with actor of tv of big screen? He says," I'm mixture .To be an actor is to opt for easiest way of life.It's super-comfortable.Whom do you depend upon the most? He say," My family which has stood by me."Lastly what do you think about music reality show? He says, " I am very happy about them because our audiences have doubled. People like to watch such shows because they want to see two artistes fighting. These shows have good singers too but they never win. From Indian Idol onwards, everyone came to know how voting can be manipulated. He says , "I have got many offers for big screen and ready to sign few movies too".

Menaxxshi Sharma—Shabana Azmi of olden days is back!

Menaxxshi Sharma has a lot of uniqueness in her portfolio.She’s been Miss Teen,is known to be a beautician and has been both,a sport anchor and a writer.But that’s not what men find intimidating about her.Its her gymming schedule that they do.Being a fitness buff, Menaxxshi Sharma hits the gym every day.She also analyses her diet every day.She also analyses her diet and workout schedules on a weekly basis,and reads up everything on the subject she can lay her hands on.

Q) When you were bitten by the acting bugs?

A) I am a born actor .So no question of acting bugs.

Q) To what extent are you gone for exposure as far as bollywood is concerned?

A) Though I hail from a modern family,I know where to draw the line but at the same time let me tell you that it does not in any way stop me from doing what I feel is right.

Q)What kind of roles do you want to do in serials as an actress?

A) I am very keen on doing a variety of roles because I do not want to get typecast.I am even ready to take a negative role if I feel that it is strong enough for me to do it convincingly.

Q) What is your aims as an actress?

A) As an actress I want to make sure that I am able to leave a distinct path of my own.At the same time I am also equally desirous of experimenting as an actress by working with new directors who have fire in them to prove themselves.

Q) Please tell me about your work?
A) I have completed acting course from one of the best institute name "Kishore Namit Kapoor" acting lab in Mumbai.I have been trained in dancing with Shamak Dawar and have also done various classes regarding dance.I have done Many TV commercials for the brand Amul ice -cream,TVS scooty,Godrej for hair,Reliance Mobile then I have been feature in Femina Magazine.Did prints for Macdonalds,BPL mobile,Kirplon,Femina Girl and catalogue for Indian outfits.I have been worked for a Sweden Magazine which was been shot by the photographer name Andre Wolf.I have done few TV serials but not in the lead role,now I want to do the main lead role in TV serials as well as in Bollywood Cinema. I want to make all proud of me as Best human being and to be the best model , TV actress and Bollywood actress.

Bharat Thakur (Modern Yoga Guru)

Rajendra Ganotra and Guru Vijay Shanker asks modern Yogi Bharat Thakur few questions.

1)What is the defination of Bharat Thakur?
A) Bharat Thakur is an internationally renowned spiritual master.He has conducted numerous meditations,workshops,yoga training sessions for groups,individuals,corporate yoga workshops all over the world.He is also the founder of artistic yoga and has opened yoga studios in Delhi,Mumbai,Channai,Bangalore,Moscow and Dubai.At the age of 4,he was taken by his Master Sukhdev Brahmachari to the Himalayas.He stayed with his Master for 16 years over there.Under HIs Master"s guidance,he studied yoga intensively,the various forms of yoga like Hatha Yoga,Ashtanga Yoga,Karma Yoga,Kundalini Yoga and the varios other elements of Pranayama,Asanas and meditation.He also learnt Ayurveda,Tantra and Mantra.He also studied Sufism,Jaiism and Buddism and back from the Himalayas to step into the normal education.He did his graduation and his post graduation in Exercise Physiology and Yoga from the Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education,Gwalior.

2)What is Yoga?
A)Yoga is about uniting and becoming one with the universal consciousness.To unite or merge means that you understood who you really are.It means that you know from deep within you,God and life are separate but one and the same.You are nothing but the same drop from the ocean.Yoga makes sure that every cells in your body becomes aware of this.It takes your body and mind to a blissful state that is unaffected by the chaos and insecurity of life.Yoga is not a theory but an action.

3)Is Yoga a mystery?
A)Yes,It is a mystery.It is an art that mystics have practiced for hundred of years.If one bent the chin at a certain angle it would cause a specific internal change inside the body.A layman should know that when he practices yoga,he is starting a process of transformation of the body and the mind.Practicing Yoga as a form of exercise without understanding can be dangerous.That is why Yoga must be practiced in the presence of master.

4)What is Artistic Yoga?
A)It is developed by Bharat Thakur and is unique and powerful system of yoga.It affects the body like no other form of exercise.By using yogic techniques like asanas,pranayama,bandhas,kriyas,partner stretches along with cardiovascular training,it works on the human body at every level for e.g physical level, where flexibility,strength and endurance are the primary goal to the mental and spiritual levels where awareness of the body,alertness and meditation work closely to bring about a complete transformation.It works especially for a layperson.It is suitable for any person irrespective of age,strength and flexibility.It helps in stress,relief.weight loss,body toning,gastric relief,backache problems and increases energy.

5)What is difference between normal Yoga and artistic Yoga?
A)Normal Yoga makes you work out the entire body and this artistic Yoga helps you to concentrate on a single body part.Here we teach stretching.So that the more a body becomes used to stretching,you will gradually be able to do complex asanas and yogic postures.You will realize that it is something that is natural in the stream of your body.It looks really difficult and you think it is impossible to do all of it.But it"s not so.The stretching is a natural and will not hurt at all.

6)What are modules that can be suited to every needs and situations?
A)There are several modules.They are 1)improving health and physical fitness 2)Stress reduction and management 3)Developing focus and concentration 4)Building confidence and motivation 5)Enhancing confidence and motivation 6)Decision making 6)Team building and interpersonal relationships 7)Employee welfare and entertainment.8)Conferences and seminars 9)Talks.Modules are custom designed to suit the company"s need and requirements.

Q)What are the various kinds of Yoga?
a)They are Hath Yoga,Karma Yoga,Bhakti Yoga,Nada Yoga,Jnana Yoga ,Kundalini Yoga,Swara Yoga,Raja Yoga,Tantra Yoga,Laya Yoga,Catering Yoga,Kriya yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

8)What is Hatha Yoga?
A)Ha means sun and tha means the moon-the balancing of the sun and moon energy of the body or balancing the male and female energies of the body.

9)What is Kundalini Yoga?
A)It activates the primal energy or divine cosmic energy of the body.The dormant force is located at the base of the spine.When Kundalini is activated it becomes kinectic energy.It acts as a catalyst to bring the individual to yoga.

10)What is Ashtanga Yoga?
A)It is described in the sutras of Patanjali over 2500 years ago.They are eight steps and they are Yama,Niyama,Asanas,Pranamaya Pratyahara,Dharana,Dhyana,Samadhi.

11)What is Swara Yoga?
A)It is the observation of the breath and praticing the breathing exercises.

12)What is Jnana Yoga?
A)It is oriented towards knowledge and intellect.

13)Which book did you write?
A)I am the author of the 7 books,Yoga for all,Yoga for stress relief,Yoga for weight loss,Yoga for family,Yoga for flat abs,Yoga for backache relief and a collection of poetry "Truth:The art of Mystics"

14)Which are three schools of Yoga and in which are you special?
A)There are three schools of yoga-the traditional school of yoga,the cultural school of yoga and artistic yoga.I pratice and teach artistic yoga.

15)What is Meditation?
A)If a person stops thinking and the mind is in relax position that means he is meditating.But Meditation is possible only after he is done asanas and pranamya.After meditation one feels very relax and all the toxins from his mind is out of his body.But he has to continue this pratice always.

16)What is anger?
A)Anger is deep -rooted problem faced by every human being on this planet.It is nothing but energy which is unable to flow in the right direction.This blocked,restricted,supressed energy finds unnatural ways of venting itself and this creates violent and ugly stituations in life.I consider it to be a disease as most of us live with tremondous frustration.Imagine your natural energy is put into a pressure cooker.Someday it will explode.To avoid this either keep this energy releasing little by little and do not put it in a pressure cooker in the first place.Asanas.Pranamaya and Meditation controls anger and one is in a good health.

17)What are your future plans?
A) I am starting chain of spiritual malls.In these days of spirituality I have come up with a unique concept – a spiritual mall. It will be a one stop for everything related to spiritual and physical well being.There will be tarrot reader,best numerologist,best astrologers,best health diet,and etc all under one roof.There will be 20 different types of massages ranging from Thai massage to Herbal massage and even Ayurvedic massage.You will find a sportswearline,various malas,beeds and spiritual jewellery.

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Wafaa music released by Rajesh Khanna at Versova

Wafaa is independent and you will enjoy the songs. Wafaa is a courageous film by nature and not likely to be afraid of facing danger when it arises. It is better you control your aggressive impulse and undue independence. You will see to fight against conditions of unfair and restrictive nature . Wafaa has all the basic characteristics .Wafaa is reliable and trustworthy film and will earn a good reputation .Wafaa is to oppose the views of others or to advance arguments with the result that are often misunderstood and make a great number of secret enemies who constantly work against you.

Subeer Mukherji celebrated all three functions in one

Subeer Mukherji of Filmalaya Studio celebreted all three functions in one i.e diwali , pre- release of Gumnam and birthday party of her daughter at Filmalaya studio on 27th October. Many guests were present at the party for a long time. Kamaal Khan of " Deshdrohi" , Kamal Mahrshi , Veteran Music director Sharavan, Kumar Sahil, Tanuja , Moushimiji, Sidharth Koirala, Rajiv Ruia, Bappi Lahiri, Bappa Lahiri were present for the party.

Saru Maini - A pop diva with T-Series 'Shake it shake it'

"Do what you believe in and believe in what you do. "

With a mantra like that, there's little need to reveal that singer and performer Saru Maini is brimming with confidence. She dictates the typical image of an indipop singer and performer. She looks pretty and has a unique melodious voice. This is a singer who has the talent and capability to create a niche for herself. Saru is here to rock the indipop scene in a completely new avatar with her latest album "Shake it Shake it" to be released by T series.

Trained in classical and light classical music for several years, with her perseverence and persistence Saru has made a name for herself and is all set to take it further with this album. To make her dream into a reality, Saru has gone through a hectic routine of riyaz, dance classes, yoga and workouts. She packs all the energy and punch of a Punjabi kudi with the elegance and grace of a seasoned model. She is now being revealed in her new makeover as a singer–performer all encompassed as-A Pop Diva.

"Shake It Shake It" has 10 tracks and the music has been composed by D J Sanj. It is primarily a dance Album and the music has a very international sound. Saru has also penned down for the first time the lyrics for two of the songs. The album is indeed close to her heart.

Saru has already made a name for herself in the Pop scene with the success of her album 'Ishq Hua', and her album 'Sutta Mixx' which was also a big hit was conceived to help spread the message "DON'T SMOKE", as she wanted this message to reach out to the masses and through her song "Say No to Drugs" Saru created awareness against Drug abuse. Saru got her first break in Playback singing with "Bhangara Paale" a duet with Sonu Nigam in the movie "Anthony Kaun Hai" for which the music was composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

"I want to do more performance-oriented work and pop music helps me achieve that better than anything else," says, Saru excitedly" Her excitement on the release of "Shake it Shake it" is not just palpable, it's infectious!

Salwar Kurtas for female King 11 suppoters!

Priety Zinta has created customised salwar-kurtas bearing the Kings 11 logo for her women supporters for the IPL test matches that are expected to begin soon. A source close to the actress informed, "Priety discussed with her designer and created customised salwar kurtas bearing the Kings 11(her team) logo for her supporters."

Priety wants her supporters to make their present felt on the field at the IPL matches to be held next year. "Priety has taken into consideration various aspects before creating the customised costumes for the women supporters. Since the IPL matches are to be held in Punjab Preity opted for Salwar-kameez as short jersey would not go down well with traditional Punjabis."

Preity however put rumours to rest that she was going to screen Heroes for her IPL team. "It definitely sounds like a good idea. But I would have to make sure that it is subtitled otherwise how would the Aussies (who are a part of her team) understand my Hindi film," she laughed.

Vikram Bhatt searching for Ms.Right

Vikram Bhatt is searching for Ms.Right not for himself but for his next film.Vikram Bhatt is on a look out for a new female face for his next directorial venture 'Shapit' where he is introduces Aditya Narayan. Vikram searched high and low and even screen tested dozens of potential actresses but none could satisfy the intelligent director. "Vikram even flew down to London hoping that he'd find his leading lady there, but nothing materialized out of the trip," said a source close to the director. If closely observed Vikram has a record of discovering some of the most beautiful actresses of the Indian screen. Sushmita Sen is a Vikram Bhatt protégé. He discovered her and cast her in the lead in Dastak. Lisa Ray was Vikram Bhatt discovery too. It was Bhatt's Raaz that shot Bipasha Basu to fame. And today Adah Sharma is laughing her way to success. Behind every successful actress… there's Bhatt naturally! Now the girl hunt has shifted to Mumbai where Vikram is searching high & low for that perfect face.Says Vikram, "I'm still searching for the right girl opposite Aditya Narayan. It's a dream role for any newcomer."

Shilpa's hot item song for Dostana

The hot Shilpa Shetty is all set to Shut Up and Bounce. Yes that's the song of Tarun Mansukhani's Dostana that will hit the air soon. Director Karan Johar said that Tarun and he and his entire team brainstormed tossing names of actresses who would be apt for the item. "We finally zeroed in on Shilpa because she has the best body in town," Karan said. Karan added, "Shilpa has done a fantastic job but credit also goes to choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant and music director Vishal Shekhar. Shilpa's number will be the introductory song along John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan." Tarun said, "Shilpa was comfortable wearing anything for the song. We were to shoot the song in seven day but completed in four days flat." Shilpa agreed to be a part of Dostana immediately because not only was a Karan Johar production but it also had some favorite team of coworkers like designer Manish Malhotra, Mickey Contractor for the make up and Latika for her hair. And though her bag went missing, Shilpa along with Manish shopped at Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana.

Katrina Kaif: Homesick

Katrina Kaif' is currently shooting with John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh for KabirKhan's film, produced by Yashraj. The tight schedule has kept her away from home for over two months. "I am feeling homesick," she said.

Katrina recalls the time her pretty sister Isabelle had come down to town to spend some quality time with her. "Isabelle was on a vacation. She flew down here to spend sometime with me. I miss my family a lot. I miss my home. But what to do my professional commitments keep me busy. I am glad that my family flies down to meet me whenever they can." But the biggest celebration that Katrina looks forward to is the family reunion during Christmas. "I am trying my best to see if we can all be together." Katrina adds, "I hope no professional work comes up then. I have kept my fingers crossed from now."

Pooja Bedi's daughter Aaliya walked the ramp

Pooja Bedi's 11-year-daughter Aaliya walked the ramp for designer Pallavi Jaipur at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. An excited Pooja Bedi said, "It was her first solo experience and memorable one too. Aaliya was dressed as a Rajasthani princess. Such memories stay with you for life." Pooja said that Aaliya had walked the ramp with her for a charity show earlier. "She was too small then. But that moment stays with her even now." Pooja clarified that there was no pressure on Aaliya to walk the ramp. "It was her decision! I asked her if she was comfortable with the idea of walking the ramp and she said yes." Pooja rubbished stories that it was not right to expose her daughter to the fashion world at such tender age. "I look upon Aaliya walking the ramp as a cute memorable experience. It is not a hardcore career defining step for her."

Katrina Kaif tries 200 gowns!

You have heard of the film 27 Dresses but guess what?Reportedly, Katrina Kaif tried over 200 gowns for one particular scene in Subhash Ghai's "Yuvvraaj".

A source revealed, "Katrina's look n "Yuvvraaj" is very classic and very regal with the emphasis on empire line aistlines and Grecian gowns. Before starting the schedule of "Yuvvraaj", Katrina tried over 200 different gowns spending the entire day with Delhi based designers Gauri and Nanika." The source said that the reason for Katrina tiring out the gowns was Because she wanted to have that perfect look. "Each gown Gave a different effect. Katrina wanted to then zero in on gowns That would make a very fairy tale kind of impact on screen."

Katrina's princess look made the entire unit's jaws dropped. Says a source, "She looks so beautiful in Yuvvraaj almost as if an angel had arrived on the sets."

Olive at Mahalaxmi

A.D Singh, partner and the main face behind the Olive Bar and Kitchen, who is also one of the cities best known figures in the fields of leisure and restaurants, has over the last fifteen years been at the forefront of the lifestyle revolution sweeping the country. His restaurants and other ventures have been the trendsetters for these industires, resulting in a sound reputation, credibility and goodwill. He takes utmost care to keep his clients happy and coming back for more.

Real Rock On Star picture

In an interview with dynamic singer Sital Banerjee, Rajendra Ganotra talks to him about his life as a singer and his debut album “ Pehli Mulaqat” and much more.

Q) How would you define music?
A) Music is my life and life is music. Just like the way a human being cannot live without breathing, similarily music signifies everything in my life. Hence I have been naturally inclined to music.

Q) Tell me something about you ?
A) I hail from a family of music lovers and practitioners, thereby I was initiated at the tender age in my hometown at Kolkatta.

Q) How are you different from other Singers?
A) I liked to sing all types of songs particularily romantic and gazals. As a singer it is necessary to be versatile and explore one’s capabilities in all genres of music and try to established as a distanct musician, pertaining to a particular kind of music.

Q) Who inspired you?
A) Nature is my inspiration for music. As the day begins one can hear the chirpy of the birds and sweet music of the nightingale which is rare find in metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

Q) Any artist you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
A) I like to work with great music directors like A. R Rehman, Shravanji, and many other great artist.

Q) What is your aim in your life?
A) To become a great singer and good human being.

Q) Your mantra for survival in this competitive industry?
A) My mantra is to sing melodious songs which again is not there in today’s musical world. The Bollywood music is dominated more by rhythm and less by melody. I would like to sing songs which has a fusion of both rhythm and melody. Hence if I concentrate more on the quality that would become my mantra for harmonious music.

Q) What do you think of the current music scene in Bollywood?
A) Today’s Bollywood music is dominated more by rhythm and rather than harmony and lot of musical instruments are used but sometimes one feels that the soul of music is still missing. Nevertheless there are few music directors like A.R Rehman who has introduced the new wave in Bollywood music which is uppealing and soul stirring.

Q) What happiness and success mean to you?
A) Being a singer I always relate to music as the main source of happiness and success. Hence happiness and success can be achieved only through music.

Q) Any Bollywood projects?
A) Not yet, but I like to work for Bollywood.

Q) What about challenges you faced in your life?
A) I liked to face challenges and I have struggled a lot to come at this stage. After two years I am getting the role of singer in my real life.

Q) Any message to the viewers?
A) In today’s world there are lot of problems and tragedies. I will be only happy if my music can provide happiness and peace to all human being.

Lady luck : Katrina for Subhash Ghai's "Yuvvraaj"

In an industry where males rule, one is surprised to spot a hoarding with a solo picture of an actress. She is none other than Katrina Kaif. The "Yuvvraaj" hoarding has only Katrina splashed over it, while the male leads Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan, for a change have taken a back seat. An industry source revealed, "Katrina

is considered to be a lucky mascot for her directors. Subhash Ghai is confident that Katrina will bring in luck for him too." Subhash Ghai also feels that a solo hoarding of Katrina is his way of telling her that she has earned her rightful due in the film. "Katrina has done a fabulous job in Yuvvraaj. Ghai has witnessed the dedication with which Katrina has worked in the film. Hence the solo hoarding," said the source. Katrina is amongst the top actress today and Subhash Ghai feels that with "Yuvvraaj" Katrina will make history of Indian cinema.

Sammir Dattani walks the ramp!

Sammir Dattani walked the ramp for designer Krishna Mehta at the Mumbai Fashion Week. A close friend of Sammir revealed, "Sammir practiced walking on the ramp for several days for this show. He wanted to be perfect. Sammir even tried out the clothes several times before actually wearing them for the show." The friend said that Sammir had begun to enjoy walking the ramp. "Sammir walked the ramp for the first time to showcase sunglasses. He felt that he was apt for it because he owns a wide range of Sunglasses too. Like last time, his friends were there to cheer for him too."

Shahid Kapoor- A big hit with kids!

Genuine friendships are rare in the industry. One amongst the few is the friendship between Ahmed Khan and Shahid Kapoor.And that's one reason why Shahid Kapoor will soon be seen in a special role in Ahmed Khan's production venture Paathshala starring Nana Patekar, , Ayesha Takia and Suniel Shetty..

A source reveals, "Shahid shot for Ahmed Khan's Paatshala for five days Shahid has always maintained that Ahmed is a dear friend. It is a true genuine friendship that is so rare in the industry. Shahid went out of his way to give Ahmed those five days inspite of being busy with other films. Shahid has a small but extremely special role in the film and he's very happy to be there for his friend.The film revolves around children and Shahid's done this special role for his fan following which comprises of the highest amount of kids." Shahid's extremely popular with the youth and kids and that comprises of his major target audience. In fact the day the first promos of Paathshala were unveiled at the theatres, the children in the audience went berserk. The source continues, "There were so many claps and whistles for Shahid. He is truly a big hit with kids! "

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Priety Zinta:Most influenced business women

Preity Zinta along with her entire Mohali team is headed to Bangkok to address a media conference. "I am looking forward to the conference. I want to be the driving force behind my team," she says. Recently a foreign publication named Preity as the most influential business woman who owned an entire IPL team. But Preity says that things aren't easy just because she is a boss of a team. "In fact it is the other way round," she says. "As a boss I have to not only to remain in constant touch with my team but also pep them up time and again so that they do thier best on the field." "Besides that," Priety says, "I am the one who looks into all the details about meetings, conferences, chalking out agendas and also making it a point to be on the field. I take care of all the minute details. In that sense it is hard work--sheer hard work!" Interestingly, Preity, the boss, prefers the no makeup look when on the field. "I don't want to come across like a heroine in the cricket
ground, "she says laughing.Obviously Preity Zinta the brand is stronger than Preity the heroine!

Upcoming actor Sawar Ahuja

Car Yaar Kalakar

During the shoot of an item number for the song to be released movie "Hum Phirr Milein Na Milein" starring Sarwar Ahuja and Tabbasum's granddaughter Khushi there was a requirement of imported cars as a part of the props on the set.

The arrangement for the imported cars was made by the director Manish Goel. But to his surprise the cars did not arrive and the shooting got stalled. There was no way such expensive cars could be arranged at the last moment.

Sarwar who got this news in his vanity immediately called up all his friends owning imported cars. Within no time the required number of cars arrived on the sets and shooting resumed. All his friends had a gala time and enjoyed the item song shot with Sarwar and Riya Sen While the producer Rajesh Gupta thanked him and his friends for saving valuable production time and cost.

The promos show Riya along with the borrowed cars of Sarwar's Yaars.

"I had no God Father to back me"- Sarwar Ahuja

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Sarwar Ahuja, like most of the middle class responsible sons did his MBA in marketing and finance and took up a well paid job.

But the gods of tinsel town had planned something else for him. He went for a casual audition for the contest 'Cinestar ki Khoj' hosted by Zee TV all over India. While his plan was to make something good out of that wonderful evening, it just got better with an announcement loud and clear about Sarwar's selection from Hyderabad.

The contest took him to Mumbai for which he left behind a well paid job and an angry boss of course to the unreasonable world of dreams. Though he took such a risk he soon started loving the excitement that the show bought in his life. His hard work started, there by making him the winner of the biggest contest of aspiring actors ever.

After a lot of running around, scripting, meetings, requests and 2 years of patience his first film called Khanna & Iyer was made and released by Mukta Arts and financed by Zee Television.

Though the film didn't do well at the box office Sarwar's caliber, competence and hard work helped him to survive in the worst conditions.

Prior to the contest, Sarwar was always appreciated for his acting and dancing skills and would always become the center of attraction at any event or a party. The contest was the push that he needed and deserved to enter Bollywood.

Without any god father or enormous finances to back him he made his way wonderfully in the industry with now having around 6 movies under his belt.

He is confident that in the coming days he will prove the title given to him by Zee and will bring smiles to millions with movies and more.

His movie details

He is the winner of Zee Cinestar ki khoj (season 1).

A nation-wide talent hunt show hosted by zee TV.

First film- released

Khanna & Iyer.. by mukta arts

Music by tabun sutradhar (all India released may 2007)

Films - under post production ---

Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha- dir- Basu Chatterjee (comedy)

Music by Tabun

Starring- Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik, Moushmi Chatterje, Archana Puran Singh, Aditi, Tiku Talsania and others

Hum Phir Mile Na Mile - dir- Manish Goel - (family drama/love story)

Music by Sandesh Sandalya (releasing Aug 08)

Starring,-Khushi, Kiran Kumar, Rati Agnihotri, Vikram Ghokle, Smitha Jacob, Madhu Malthi, Kunal, Vicky Ahuja and others

Meri Padosan (working title) - director Prakash Saini (comedy)
releasing aug 08)

Starring- Sanjay Mishra, Snehal Dhabhi, Khayali, Heena, Sadhika, Mushtak Khan, Raju Shrivastav and others.

Films on floor----

Aisi Deewangi - dir- Abdool Khayum- (action/love story)

Music Nikhil-Vinay

Starring - Simran Sachdeva, Divya, Kiran Kumar, Ehsaan Knan, Avtar Gil, Mushtak Khan, Pankaj Bheri, Vishvajeet Pradhan, and others

Films Signed

Pappe we love u- director- Vinay Mudgil - (love comedy)
Music by Uttam Singh - on floor in may/june 08

VEER - Vinay Mudgil (national issue- army based).
On floor Aug 08

2 films with Sunny Shimla banner (Phir Mile Na Mile)
2 films with Mukta arts (part of the contract)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shravan’s musical entertainer presents “ Kaashh Mere Hote ! passionately yours….

Tall , handsome and young hunk to join Bollywood with a bang is Kumar Sahil of Ludhiana ( Punjab). Kumar Sahil is quite excited about his debut film “ Kaashh Mere Hote.. which will be releasing very soon. Kumar Sahil plays the role of a professional photographer opposite young and sexy Sneha Ullal. Kumar Sahil is independent, self- willed, active and desirous of being in command of affairs. He is courageous by nature and not likely to be afraid of facing danger when it arises. He always likes to fight against conditions of an unfair and restrictive nature. His success and career starts with “ Kaashh Mere Hote”. He is reliable and trustworthy and has earns a good reputation in his home town.

'Kaashh Mere Hote' is a romantic musical, thriller produced by veteran music director Shravanji. K.M.H is a musical triangle with Sneha Ullal and Sana Mirza. The major attraction of the movie is the music which is directed by Sanjeev S Darshan who is the son of famous music director Shravanji. The highlight of the film is the role played by Rajesh Khannaji as the father-in- law of Kumar Sahil.

After a long lapse Charming and Sexy Sneha Ullal makes a comeback in “ Kaashh Mere Hote” as the leading lady opposite hot and handsome Kumar Sahil. Sneha Ullal says, “ I am quite excited about this film as I am playing the lead and that too after two years. Although I started my career with Salman Khan but unfortunately it didn’t make much of a headway for me but now I am quite happy about the film and have a very positive attitude as I am looking forward to a greater heights as an actress. Kumar Sahil is a nice guy and it was wonderful to have him as the leading man”.

Sneha Ullal is tall with good eyes. She is happy with her mother but is also fond of companion. She has too much economy of sentiments. On the whole, her social field is limited , she has few friends and she is lucky.

SNEHA ULLAL (Interview Part-1) with Arun Kamal

SNEHA ULLAL (Interview Part-2) with Arun Kamal

KUMAR SAHIL (Interview) with Arun Kamal

SHRAVAN (Interview) with Wajid Mansoori



Preeti Zinta's look alike

My heart is beating keeps on repeating I am waiting for you…………………Preeti Sood.
meet Zinta’S look alike. Blessed with the looks and nature of Preeti Zinta look alike Preeti Sood from Shimla has arrived in Mumbai to make a career in bollywood. Preeti Sood has already Participated in some prestigious advertisment, music , theatre, print add and is looking forward to sign some movies as well. Here is interview of bold, intelligent and beautiful Preeti Sood taken by Rajendra Ganotra.

Q) How and why did you get into Showbiss?
A) While I was working as the guest relation manager (P .R) in Intercontenential Hotel at Delhi, I happened to meet film star Chunkey Pandey and he complemented my beauty and smile, hence I felt elated and decided to join Showbiss.

Q) How did you get into the modelling?
A) Through advertisements , I applied for modelling assingnments and fortunently I got many advertisement like Vimal Jewellery, 94.3 FM. I have done many print Adds and ramp shows.

Q) Do you prefer modelling or acting ?
A) I prefer acting than modelling as modelling is a short-lived profession acting. I have some interesting projects in hand as the lead heroine but it is yet tobe finalised. So I would not like to disclose much about it.

Q) What was the reaction of your parent when you decided to come to Mumbai?
A) Initially they were reluctant but I was quite confident about becoming an actress. Hence I felt Mumbai is the right place and I convinced parent for the same.

Q)Did you face any difficulty in Mumbai?
A) Initially I did face difficulty as I was a complete stranger in Mumbai but slowly now I am establishing myself mainly become of some friend have guided me at the right time.

Q) Will you go for exposer?
A) If the role demands but exposing with any reason is not going to make you a great actress.

Q) Will you go for any compromises?
A) The fact that I am in Mumbai in order to become an actress reavels that I have compromised in every stage of my life, as it is not easy for any young girl to live away from her loving parent. In city like Mumbai every person makes all sorts of compromises without realizing that they have compromised.

Q) Actors are made or born?
A) Some actors are born while some are to be made.

Q) Will you be the same after you become star?
A) Or course, I will be the same but my life style is likely to be change.

Q) Why is fusion music popular in India?
A) Because it is a combination of western and classical music.You are enjoying both music at the same time.

Q) Are you interested in learning classical dance,who will be your guru?
A) Yes, I would like to learn Kathak dance from well-known male classical dancer guru Vijay Shanker who has been teaching seven types of classical dances for the last 25 years.He has also given lectures and demonstrations on classical dance in many schools and colleges all over India.

Q) Your favourite bollywood actors and actresses?
A) Preety Zinta, Rekha and Sreedevi . Akshay Kumar and Salmaan Khan.

Amrish Puri 's voice charisma is back.....( Sharhaan Singh from Punjab)

Handsome Sharhaan Singh is a typical Punjab da MUNDA with lot of aspirations and ambitions in life.Sharhaan Singh has already acted in serials,ad films and regional movies.In the bilingual film “Back to Honeymoon”, Sharhan Singh plays the role which is true to his own life and is quite excited about his role.
In the serial “Rakhi” which is on Zee T.V, Sharhaan Singh plays the role of Ayub Khan”s younger brother as “Amber” and this role has brought him lot of popularity. Sharhaan Singh is quite serious about his profession and he is prepared to perform any roles which has substance.

Sharhaan Singh is quite impressed by the Veteran Villain “Amrish Puri” and feels his VOICE resembles Amrish puri quite a lot and really his voice is like Amrish Puri (no doubt in it).His hobbies are swimming,dancing and flirting with girls and he is very much punctual.He believes in astrology and numberology.
Sharahan Singh is happy over the upward trend in his career both as a model and an actor.He is quite excited about his early success inspite of making his start with humble beginning.

Whom would you like to be reborn as ?
Amrish Puriji.

What inspires your acting?

Actors you would like to work with?

Would you ever do something like that in real life?
Yes I like to do.

What sort of music do you personally feel close to?
Classical Music.

Can you tell me about your brother?
Rahul is a good dancer and an actor too.He has joined Kishor Namit Kappor’s institute and is doing quite well.He always give respect to me.

Where do you want to be in 5 years ?
I want to be Super Star of Bollywood.