Monday, November 3, 2008

The Combination Of Beauty and Brain - Sweety Bhatia.

Sweety Bhatia, a famous dietcian, beautician and model says " Not to eat raw vegetables during monsoon. Also tulsi leaves crushed withhoney are used to cure coughs and colds and reduce fever. Tulsi withhot water is said to melt away fat while its oil is an antiseptic. Bal leaves are used to cure fever and its hard,football like fruit is given to cure many disorders. It is also used to purify blood. Palas seeds are used as an insecticide. Its bark leaves are used to cure stomach disorders. The herb Ashwagandha taken in mild doses with warm milk has a beneficial influence on the nervous system and helps to banish insomnia and anxiety.

Sweety Bhatia, wife of proud and famous aerobic instructor and dancer Mr Simraan Bhatia, working as a dietician for upcoming models and beautician. She is also a model and had done many ads . Recently, she has done Santoor ad with Saif Ali Khan. Here the golden lady gives her golden tips for the diet and make-up for the the MONSOON.

Q) Give us some diet tips for the monsoons?
A) First of all always food should be taken while sitting in a very comfortable position. Don’t eat food in a hurry and while you are walking.

Chew your food properly. So that will allows all the nutrients to be used by the body and this is very important.

Use a small amount of ghee or classified butter or olive oil in your cooking for this monsoon season. This will provide your skin the necessary lipid support from within.

Always wash all vegetables and fruits with warm and clean water.

Sweet juicy fruits of this season make excellent snacks. They are both cleansing and hydrating.

Drink lots of pure water through the day.

Q) How to protect the skin?
Feed your skin from within with Amalaki Rasayana. Amalaki Rasayanas are ayurvedic herbs combinations designed to provide holistic support. They nourish, protect and balance the skin for long.

Since your skin is susceptible to windy weather and dehydration is always a problem, keeping hydrated and lubricated is important.

Q) What should be the life style during this season?
A) Going to bed early is essential to stay rested. Do not work late into the night.

Take short breaks when performing tasks that require extended periods of intense mental focus.
Walking for 20 minutes in the early morning will clear your mind.

Practice deep breathing when you feel mentally tired.

Remember that laughter is powerful medicine for your skin and for your all well-being as well.

A daily full body massage in this season with relaxing massage oil can help revitalize the mind and body.

Do not forget to massage the scalp to help and reduce mental stress.

The herbal hair oil is balanced for all hair types and includes potent herbs that balance the mind and nervous system while they nourish the scalp and hair.
Q) How one should keep make-up intact during this season?
A) In monsoon, one should use water proof foundation. Always use water based moisturizer. One should go for light and sheer make up. Lastly do not use an eyebrow pencil during a downpour.

Q) Describe your husband Mr Simran Bhatia , who is a famous aerobic instructor and dancer too?
A) About Simraan Bhatia, he has groomed into a very promising dancer of this generation. His dance presentation excude refined grace and charm on hand and a controlled expression of energy on the other flee dedication and commitment for dance have paved a way for him to achieve substantial goals. Simran had initial training under Shaimak Davar. He is under the able guidance of many renowed dancers for many years. He has imbibed the techniques of dance and aerobic styles with dedication and commitment. He has been able to strike a very good balance between dance and aerobic. A natural , graceful flow evident in his movements gives him his style of dance a very lyrical quality which is a pleasure for his students.

Q) Having been so successfully as a dietician, beautician would you ever like to act in movies?
Q) Well, now its all depend upon Simran. If he gives me permission to act in movies, I will do so.

Q) What else your hobbies are?
A) Dance, acting, music, traveling, reading books etc etc

Rajendra Ganotra and Vijay Shanker.

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