Sunday, November 23, 2008

Salsa Dance creating Waves


With an endeavor to add Salsa in the life of all dance enthusiasts ,Salsa India Dance Company was first established in April 2000.Its pioneer has since then put his mind and soul in gradually creating not just a dance school but an entertainment destination,where people of diversified backgrounds come together and simply have a good time.

With a total of 11 studios currently, Salsa India Dance Company now buzzes with over 500 enthusiastic students from Delhi and Mumbai alone. The school has also helped to popularize this Latin dance form in other metropolitan cities like Mumbai,Pune,Punjab,Bangalore,Sikkim and Indore and also has reached enthusiasts outside India in Nepal,Hong Kong and Thailand through a number of salsa workshops.

They, at Salsa India Dance Company promote Salsa as a way of life and as expression of passion and commitment. Therefore they do not teach Salsa, but they have created an experiential platform, where the idea is also to communicate, interact,share and unwind with each other. They foster creative thinking; decision- making and a learning process that helps develop growth in each individual.

Their main goal is to strive for excellence in everything. They do including maintaining the satisfaction of their students. They have a structured format of learning, with emphasis both on technique and styling. The format is engineered in a way that it assits anyone and everyone to learn techniques of Salsa accurately while encouraging the students to achieve the increasing levels of complexity. Besides this, they also insist on the theoretical knowledge of the dance form.

They have open doors to men and women alike without regard to ethnic origin or dance experience. They are dedicated to teaching Salsa and other Latin Dance forms in the right and most efficient way possible. So it really does not matter if you have the flair and the grace, or if yoy are with android- like movements and clumsy attributes. Whether, its two left feet that you have or two rights, just join and they will get you dance in no time. They welcome new members to their society through out the year.

Each lesson is complete, in that you will be able to pratice what you have just learned without the help of the teacher to come by at the end of the session. Even after just one lesson, you will have a good idea of what Salsa is and technique and each transition into the next level is attended to in a smooth and effortless manner. Occasionally they do try to throw in a few surprises,just to keep you on your toes.

They also have a culture of partner swapping in the Salsa movements as they find that this stimulates the process of learning and make it more interesting , resulting in greater improvement. Their instructures are professionally trained dancers from the Cuban and the LA styles of Salsa that are popular all around the world. This unique and beautiful style is being introduced for the first time in India at Salsa India Dance Company. Since Salsa is, in essence, a dance about people, they would like to reflect that by encouraging their members to dance with as many people as possible.

Dancing great means looking great. A skilled dancer executing a simple move, looks better, feels better and has more fun then a dancer with bad form attempting something complex. Therefore, in their classes, they put a great deal of emphasis on proper form and execution of each movements. The each and every student learn the techniques of proper hip movement, use of the knees and proper posture. Men learn how to lead a lady with skill and confidence, ladies learn how to anticipate their’s partner’s next move to make their job easier. But this hard work really pays off on the dance floor as their students find out at the highly popular Salsa-India parties. Dancers from elsewhere joining them for the first time are encourage to start from the lowest level to get used to the way they teach.

Here is what you can expect to cover in classes-

Style- It is sophisticated, suave,sexy and energetic.They lean towards giving a good forms of Latin Dance as you move into Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Warm up- They always start the class with a warm up. This includes basic footwork that you will need for the rest of the class. The footwork will be the basis for the rest of the class.This means that if this is your first visit,you will be able to follow the rest of the class quiet easily. From time to time, they teach Hip-Hop, Jazz and other forms of dance during warm up session for you to get to know their body.

Syllabus- They have a structured syllabus and each lesson follows the set program based on their syllabus. Many of these moves will be repeated at regular intervals, so you will have ample opportunity to catch up if you miss some of them.

Progression- After you have the Basic Beginners, you will be considered for the Beginner Intermediate and so on and so forth. Their instructor’s pay attention to each student’s progress and will give you feedback at the end of the session. When you have demonstrated competency in your basic dance skills, you will be allowed to enter the next level.

Instructors- Their instructors are highly trained under Salsa India Dance Company and they are among the best in India. They have extensive training in communication skills, teaching methodology and Salsa dance styles. They know how to run the class efficiently, treat students with respect, and are always patient and encouraging.

Social time- Salsa India organizes Salsa nights from time to time for students to have free dance pratice time. This is a great opportunity to mix with other students and make new friends.This is also the time to practise what you have learned.Donot be afraid to approached your fellow students for a dance!

Salsa Dance every Sunday Night at Rio The Met Lounge, 7 bunglows Andheri west Mumbai-61 02265021389

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