Monday, November 3, 2008

A Short Interview Of Priyanka Chopra

In short interview with Priyanka Chopra , She reveals about fashion and her future.

Q) Many designers are entering Bollywood today. Is that a healthy trend?
A) Yes , its good and healthy trend according to me. Bollywood is getting more and more popular today.

Q) Who do you think is the most well dressed actors and actress?
A) Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan are most well dressed actors among male and Kanganaa is the most well dressed actress in female.

Q) What’s wrong with Bollywood fashion?
A) May be because the term Bollywood still conjuxes up images of skin tight churidars, bright colours and bling.

Q) What does fashion mean to you?
A) Fashion to me is being comfortable.

Q) Your most favourite accessories?
A) Actually, I’m not a big accessory person.

Q) Weren’t you comfortable with the golden swim suit?
A) I was comfortable with the golden swim suit for Dostana.

Q) Do you agree that fashion today means exposing ? The more you expose , the more fashionable you are?
A) Today’s fashion statement is related to contemporary times. I don’t agree that today a model wants to expose to look fashionable at any cost. A model wears the stuff that her designer gives her.

Q) Next after Fashion?
A) Dostana, Kamninay, What’s your Rashee.

Q) Do you believe in Astrology?
A) Yes, I believe in astrology very much and there is nothing wrong in it.

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