Sunday, November 9, 2008

Singer/Artiste,Saru Maini's new album "Shake it Shake It " ...talks about global warming..

Do what you Believe in and Believe in what you do. "

With a mantra like that, there's little need to reveal that Singer and Performer Saru Maini is brimming over with confidence .She dictates a typical image of an indipop Singer and Performer . She looks ravishing and has a unique melodious voice. This is a singer who has the talent and capability to create a niche for herself. Saru is here to rock the indipop scene in a completely new look with her latest album "Shake it Shake it " to be released by T series .

Trained in classical and light classical music for several years, with her hard work and persistence Saru has made a name for herself and is all set to take it further with "Shake it Shake it" . To make her dream into a reality Saru has gone through a hectic routine of Riyaz,dance classes ,yoga and workouts .

Saru packs all the energy and punch of a Punjabi kudi with the elegance and grace of a seasoned model. She is now being revealed in her new makeover as a Singer –Performer -A Pop Diva.
About The album- "Shake It Shake it" has 10 songs and the music has been composed by D J Sanj.It is primarily a dance Album and the music has a very international sound. Saru has also penned down for the first time the lyrics for two of the songs.The album is indeed close to her heart .

About the video The Video which has been directed by Shiraz Bhattacharya and Choreographed by Firoz Khan is high energy and Pacy and brings out the best of Saru as a Singer and a Performer/dancer.Saru makes her entry in a very cute Golden Electric Convertible REVA and Sings, Performs and Dances with a group of Youngsters at a Party set in the theme of 60's. Saru Says "Lets Party hard ---But the Green way" .

Usp of "Shake it Shake it" album : Saru has supported various social causes and continues to do so by associating herself with protecting the environment. "Global warming is something that is affecting and touching everybody's life today and hence I wanted to create an awareness through the platform of "Shake it Shake it" " says Saru,She has supported the use of Electric cars, which will go a long way in improving and creating a pollution free environment, a better place to live in for our generations to come.

About her previous albums: Saru has already made a name for herself in the Pop scene with the success of her album Ishq Hua where two of the videos for the album were shot in Morocco. The first video "'Tenu Ishq Hua" was a fusion of Punjabi and Hindi with Sufi influence. The second video was lighter hearted with Saru tripping through the streets of Morocco, waking up a sleepy marketplace .

Her third video Jhoom Jhoom which featured Rajeev Khandelwal was an instant hit. "Pop music is something I love because it allows me to express myself better than any other form of music".
Saru's Album Sutta Mixx which was also a big hit was conceived to help spread the message "DON'T SMOKE". Saru wanted this message to reach out to the masses.
Saru got her first break in Playback singing with "Bhangara Paale" a duet with Sonu Nigam in the movie "Anthony Kaun Hai " for which the music was composed by Himesh Reshammiya.
Through her song "Say No to Drugs" Saru created awareness against Drug abuse.
Saru quotes "I want to do more performance-oriented work and pop music helps me achieve that better than anything else ," she says, excitedly"

Her excitement on the realease of Shake it Shake it is not just palpable, it's infectious!

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