Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monarch meets his match - ‘King & I’

Ashish Balram Nagpal gallery, Juhu, gallery director Mukteshwari Nagpal threw a party for artist Savia Mahajan, whose exhibition is on since 1Nov at Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Colaba till 15Nov.

Among the celebrities were actor Aamir Ali, Shruti Sharma, Kanishk Gangwal, Gaurrav Chanana, artists Chintan Upadhyay, Rajat Kaanthi Dharr, Shiv Sagar, Vipul Salvi, Dilip Chobisa; Sunita Menon, Manish Malhotra, NiranjanIyenger, gallery director Mukteshwari Nagpal, socialites Raman Kaikar, Reena Gupta, Umesh Jivnani and many pg3 celebrities ….graced the event.

On asking about the artist Savia Mahajan, Ashish Balram Nagpal says, "I find unique personal style in her works. It's totally from 'within' uncorrupted by trends."

Where Savia was more like going ga-ga about Ashish, "I am not going to say good things about Ashish Balram Nagpal just because he has given me a great platform, but very genuinely Ashish has a great sensitivity towards understanding the temperament of every artist who is with him and that makes him stand apart and makes him special from all others. To me as an artist Ashish is surely the wind beneath my wings, having someone to back you with that sensibility is very rare today." She continued about the exhibition, "I love every bit of how the show has gone so far. It's my first solo show so very obviously its special to me. When you create things that you love and enjoy and you find that the people who view it enjoy and relish too; It's an unexplainable & awesome feeling and it also excites you to have another and a more interesting show."

After 'Art-Jalsa' and then one of Chintan Upadhyay and Ivan Smith's shows Ashish took a break from celebrating at his Juhu Gallery. But now seems he is back again.

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