Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'Meet Mila De Rabba' on Sony Entertainment Televisio, Monday to Thursday, at 8.00 pm, an unforgettable story

Surili Gautam from Chandigarh plays the protagonist Geet in her first television series Meet Mila De Rabba. Geet in her very first television series Meet Mila De Rabba,Geet is a vivacious and a spirited young girl whose destiny takes a dramatic turn on the day of her marriage. Shaken to the core, the incident marks the beginning of Geet's journey to many more challenges and an uncertain future.
Still in her teens, Surili bagged the role all by her determination and without any formal training in acting. But this certainly isn't a shortcoming for her as she believes that acting cannot be learnt but rather is a spontaneous art. Surili considers herself lucky to share screen space with veterans like Raza Murad, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Mandeep Bhandar, Shivendra Mahal and Asha Sharma in her first show itself. She is also confident to take up the challenge of a demanding television career and studies simultaneously and thus she balances out with carrying her books on the sets.
Young Geet gets married... but this is not the kind of marriage a young girl would want to go through. But for Geet her parent's happiness and honor is important and she will do everything to make her marriage work. This poignant love story takes the viewers through very difficult yet determined trials of a bubbly young girl who happily accepts her fate and moves on with life, simply to please her people and the society that she lives in.
Commenting on the show Sanjay Upadhyay, Creative Director- Fiction, Sony Entertainment Television said, " Meet Mila De Raba is a unique and emotional love story that will surely have the viewers thinking aloud about how destiny and fate can change life's plans for an otherwise cheerful and happy young girl. What happens at the wedding to Geet is irreparable but this gusty, brave young girl decides to give everything to the marriage. Meet Mila De Rabba is sure to not only bring tears but will force the viewers to share the pain, anguish and grit of a brave young village girl."
About Producer Ravee G Kaushall ; Ravee Kaushall has directed television shows like Naya Daur, India's Most Wanted, Saturday Suspense, Thriller at 10, Bikhre Tinke, Raat Hone Ko Hai, Lucky and Kho Gayeen Manzilien. Currently he is also writing scripts for 3 films-- Vaapsi- return to reality, Katra Katra Zindagi, A brush from the sky. He will also be directing Katra Katra Zindagi,which is at the pre-production stage.

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