Monday, November 24, 2008

Homoepathy-Cures effect of the disesases.


Like Ayurveda, Homeopathy too does not have any side effects, hence this is one the reasons of its increasing popularity. In order to realize the significance of Homeopathy today with relevance to various diseases, VIJAY SHANKER and RAJENDRA GANOTRA interviews noted Homeopath Dr Sunil Mehra ,who has been successfully functioning for almost two decades and treats patients with personal care which is rarity these days.

What is Homeopathy and what is the procedure for treatments?
“Homeopathy is science which is based on principles, in other words similia similibus curanter. The principles are applied and that is how the patient is treated. If a person has certain symptoms, then the drug is prescribed according to the symptoms. If another person is having the similar symptoms, then the same medicine can be given to him and he will be cured permanently. The disease may be the same but there may be different symptoms, then the patient will be treated accordingly”

Normally it is believed that Homeopathy aggravates the disease and then cures it, please elaborate?
“The disease normally aggravates which is quite scary for the patient, particularly in the case of skin diseases. It again depends on how the patient is treated. For instance if I want to cover the light of this tubelight completely I have to take a heavy blanket to cover it but I can do it slowly by exposing little light and going step by step. I cover little light in one step and repeat it again and again so as to eliminate the complete light. Similarly in the case of any disease we have to have a complete case study of the person which is done whenever a patient comes to me for the first time”

What is the significance of a case study?
“The case study is very important and goes on for hours together. We have to take into account as to whether the disease is hereditary or genetic, the family history with relation to the particular person, the diet and the normal working condition . Every thing has to be taken into account, if something is not revealed than the treatment may vary. Moreover I take a personal interest in all my patients and that makes a big difference. If they do not turn up I call them up and ask them what is the problem. If my patients are happy am happy”.

How is Homeopathy different from Ayurveda?
“Ayurveda is the science of nature as they the medicines are derived from medicinal plants and herbs, it is the extracts which is consumed directly by the patient and is mostly bitter in taste. Homeopathy too derives medicine from nature but it is potentisation or diluted. Medicines are diluted with water,alcohol or goats milk and often sweet in taste. Ayurveda goes to the root causes of the disease and Homeopathy first treats the causes, then ultimately will reach the root. Both have no side effects but are time consuming”

Can a patient suffering from cancer or AIDS be treated?
“Yes Homeopathy has medicines for everything. In chronic cases the patient may not be cured completely but the patient can have have a longer life span and death will be peaceful without much suffering”.

How is Homeopathy different from Allopathy?
‘It is completely different. Allopathy acts fast unlike Homeopathy. In Allopathy medicines are selected according to the symptoms but the treatment is not symptomatic. Allopathy treats according to the diagnosis of the cases and the result is symptomatic. The reason being Homeopathic prescriptions are on symptoms which are the manifestations of the cause of the disease and the prescription is not just for relieving the symptoms. All systems of medicines are beneficial to mankind or animals but the proper diasgnos is of vital importance”.

Can a patient have both Homeopathy and Allopathy together?
“Normally it is advisable not to have both as both systems of medicine are completely different but in certain cases patients can have both but one has to be careful about the dosage and the time intervals between the medicines or it might result in complications”.

Do you prescribe Allopathy medicines too?
“In some cases but again it is necessary for a doctor to have knowledge of different streams of medicines before he prescribes them. As in the case of Allopathy there are certain advantages and disadvantages and a doctor is a person who should know how to derive the best from each system.”

Besides medicines, what would you prescribe for healthy life?
“Positive attitude in life, exercises. Right diet and lot of fruits and preferably Vegetarian meals”.

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