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Rishi Dewedi....The most successful actor of the year 2007....

Meri bheeghi bheeghisi palko main raha gaye jaise mere sapne bhikherke,jale man tera bhi kisi k Milan ko Anamica tu bhi terse, aag se nata nari se rishta khahe man samaj na paye………………………………………………….Dashing,Daring, Handsome and Bold Rishi Dewedi of Lucknow.In an interview with Rajendra Ganotra, Rishi Dewedi reveals about his present and future projects.

Passionately interested in acting from a tender age, young and ambitious Rishi Dewedi decided to get into showbiz as a Professional actor while he was doing a course in Yoga and Reiki. Rishi has already participated in many Ramp Shows and Modelling assignments and many t.v serials and now he is looking forward to a career in acting on big screen too.

Q) Tell me something about your T.V serial “Mera Sasural” which is going on Sahara Channel?
A) Initially I was wondering how to react to such a role because I have never played an army officer before. I play the role of Lt. Tapan Kumar who is junior to Captain Omkar Khajaria, the lead role played by Darshan Dave. After I realized that my role being the junior officer I came to know that it suits my personality as it is a character with excitement which normally most youngsters are. This serial is produced by Anjana Soodji, directed by Rajesh Babberji and the supervising Producer is Hira Suryavanse.Mera Sasural is a serial which is based on family relationship with the theme of marriage. I am waiting for future development of my role which is in contiuning. I wish to get more such roles in other serials and also on big screen.

Q) What about “ Cash” serial which is on Star Plus?
A) In “Cash” serial , I was one of the participants where in I was asked such questions as to if you win five lakhs cash what would you do. I told that I would like to make a school on promoting classical dance particularly male classical dancers. Unfortunately the Judges Shudha Chandranji and Neena Guptaji didn’t understand my concept but it was only Anil Darker who promoted my idea of promoting Male Classical dancer.

Q) What is the Concept of Reiki Channel?
A) To use Reiki, you have to become a Reiki Channel first. Channel indicates a person through whom Reiki flows smoothly for his benefit as well as for the benefit of others. In Reiki treatment, the blockages in the energy flow system of the body are cleared and allows reiki to flow smoothly through the system. Once the body achieves this state of health, it can become a channel. Reiki flows smoothly with great force to heal yourself and others. Once you become a Reiki channel you carry more reiki than required. This extra capacity is to be used to heal others.

Q) What are the benefits of Yogic Exercises?
A) Good health is the greatest asset. Without good health one can hardly expect success in any walk of life. To keep up good health, there are numerous modern physical culture systems designed to develop the muscles. The physical culturist develops them by mechanical movements and exercises, there is a fast movement of the muscles resulting in the rapid functioning of the heart and lungs. The practitioner becomes exhausted very quickly. There may also be anxiety,psychological tensions and fear. Some exercises develop the chest and the arms only, which becomes lopsided and results in disharmony in the personality.
The three important organs like heart, lungs and brain with its cerebro-spinal system, are kept in a healthy condition by regular pratice of a few important Asanas and one or two breathing excercises. The tripod of life are the brain, heart and the lungs. The heart and the lungs are under the control of the brain. These three important organs along with the crerbro-spinal system are kept in a healthy condition by regular yogic exercises
Q) What is the meaning of “ Kapalbhati”
A) “Kapala” means the skull and “Bhati” means shine.This exercise cleanses the skull. Thus it becomes a purificatory exercise. The regular pratice bestows a shining face to the practitioner. This prepares the student for the practice of Bhastrika Pranayama.

Q) How is your Guru Vijay Shanker?Contact number?
A) He is fine and I am learning classical dance from him.He is the only male classical dancer in Mumbai who knows 7 styles of Indian Classical dances.His contact number is 9224220004,26390955.

Q) What is your contact number?
A) 9833965996.

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