Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dasvidaniya will be releasing all over on the 14th November

Dasvidaniya is a bitter-sweet situational comedy about a man Amar Kaul. One among the millions of people in the pool of Mumbai's ever increasing population, Amar's existence is easily forgettable. His innocence and his obession for making his daily " To do list" every morning is what motivates him to look forward to the next day.

This film intoduces the Russian actress Svitlana. Dialogue and story is by Arshad Sayed,Art Direction by Rakesh Morchale and Arun Verma is the director of Photography, music has been given by Kailash Kher.

One More Thought Entertainment ( Azam Khan) is the producer of the film. The Co- Producer is Lemontea Productions (Vinay Pathak and Shashant Shah)

Shashant Shah who is the director of the film joined the artists in their enjoyment and completely took pleasure of the exceptional evening by the incomparable musician. The director of the film Shashant Shah limited his excitement to saying, " I have liked his compositions for Dasvidaniya since day one but hearing him perform the same numbers live today has made me fall in love with the songs once again, this time with a deeper feeling of contentment. Hope the album and the film is well received by the audiences.

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