Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interview with Bobby Vats

In an exclusive interview from the sets of T.V serial "RAVAN", Bobby Vats resident of Versova talks to Rajendra Ganotra and Vijay Shanker about his present and future plans.Bobby vats started his filmy journey from T.V serial "Discovery of India" directed by Shyam Benagal ,did many side roles in films ,many T.V serials and currently he is playing the role of Lord Inder in T.V serial "Ravan" on Zee T.V

Q)Whats motivated you towards acting?
A)I used to do stage shows in all police function since my childhood as my father belonged to the forces and on every police annual day function,I was told to perform.That started my liking towards acting.

Q)Tell us about your first break?
A)My first break came all of sudden when i was studying in 12th standard and came for vacations to Bombay .My elder sis and my brother in law gave me the address of filmcity ,where I went to see shooting.I was roaming there and suddenly ,I saw a line where lot of people were standing and a gentleman came and gave me a piece of paper saying"these are your line". Then I realised that all those people standing there were actors standing there to give audition for discovery of India directed by Shyam benegal.This was in 91 when Discovery of India was coming to the end and few episodes were left.I was auditioned by Lucky Ali, who became a famous singer in the future.I was selected for a small role and got 750 rupees also but now I realise that how lucky I was to be directed by Mr.Shyam benegal.This was the beginning and my family members were thrilled too.After that I went back to my home town only to return in 1994 with a lead role in serial"sab chalta hai ...take it easy" directed by Mr.Anil chaudhary.Intrestingly except me every other actor was a N.S.D ACTOR in the serial like ..Nadira Baber,Anukapoor,Ajit Vachani,Deepak Quazir etc etc but I was the hero of the serial.

Q)Who all have been your inspirations in Bollywood?
A)My inpiration is credited to every bollywood film i watched as a kid and i wanted to be like all the heroes of those times like Anilkapoor,Sunnydeol,Jackie Shroff and of course when I trained myself in theatre my inspiration were Sanjeev kumar,Naseer,Kamal Haasan,Big B and Balraaj sahni.
Q)What is your motto?

A)My motto of growth is"live n learn and you will learn to live"

Q)Your favourite actors?
A)Marlon brando and Jack nickolson.

Q)What is your secret desire?
A)Secret desire to meet fairies in real life.(I am talking about those creatures with wings)

Q)Tell us your first shoot?
A)First day of my was unbelievable the way i was cast in "discovery of India"

Q)What was feelings like when you first faced the camera?
First time in front of camera didnot give me any jitters.

Q)Whats your hobby?
A)I watch a lot of cinema,read,travel and learn varios art forms....I am a brown belt in martial art.
Q)What kind of roles do you prefer?
A)I always do prominent roles.

Q)Tell us something about your present and forth coming projects and your roles in them?
A)Currently you can watch me in a show called Ravana where I play LordIndra
and another show on dd1 in lead role .The show is Kashmakash JINDIGI KI......then a film caled DETECTIVE NANI is slated for release.My motorrola ad film with abhishek is on air too....(I play a cop beating him)

Q)Do you have a dream role you would like to perform?
A)My dream role is to play nearly 15 characters in one film.
Q)Who are your competitors?
A)My competition is with myself only on how I can improve in every area of my life.

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