Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ayurveda is magic...!

Noted Ayurvedic physicians Dr Pankaj and Smita Naram are travelling around the globe to treat patients suffering from varied ailments. Dr Pankaj specializes in pulse reading and the patients are diagnosed accordingly. In an interview with Vijay Shanker and Rajendra Ganotra, the Narams reveal as to how they were influenced by Ayurveda and the relevance of Ayurveda in today’s contemporary society.

How did you become interested in Ayurveda?
"Several years earlier I had become bald and my weight was 190 pounds with the height of 5.2 inches, today am 130. I was in search of a method to reduce my weight and increase my hair growth. I met my spiritual Ayurvedic master, who taught me the secret art and science of pulse reading and marma, which is the understanding of subtle energy points. And that changed my life. At that time I had lots of time but no hair but today it is reverse, I have lot of hair but no time".

Tell us more about Marma?
"Marma is the secret subtle energy points in the body which take care of your body, mind, emotions and soul. Marma works from three levels, I’ll give you an example. We have many cases in India where small children have tonsils. With simple marma techniques, in two minutes, the tonsils start shrinking and they don’t require an operation. We work with people with slipped discs, people who cannot walk- we get wonderful results with those things. Ever day in India I get around 400 to 500 people. I have a team of around 10 doctors from all over the world. We have a doctor here in America who has been with me in India. His name is Dr Cary Rasof and he is an M.D from Chicago".

What is Ayurveda and how is it different from the western system of medical science?
"Ayurveda is an Indian art and science that was created 6,300 years ago. It is about not only how to manage chronic an acute systems of life like arthritis,osteoporosis,cancer,skin disease, blood pressure,heart conditions, this is one areas in which Ayurda is very good but also it gives you secret recipes. We work with sex instruments that help you to learn how to live 100 years full of energy, enthusiasm and tranquility. It helps you to avoid through the aging process quickly."

How is Ayurveda different from allopathy?
"Ayurveda is the science of nature but allopathy is the combination varied medicines which is man made. Allopathy gives you fast relief as it suppresses the disease which is dangerous as you have many side effects. Ayurveda goes through the root cause of the disease and then treats the patients accordingly. You need lot of patience and time to follow Aurveda but the results are great"

How relevant is Ayurveda today?
"It is very relevant. Ayurveda originated from India but it is more popular in America and other European countries. I have lot of foreign patients coming to me but todays generation has realised the significance of Ayurveda which is quite gratifying for me".

Please tell us more about pulse reading?
"I learnt the technique of pulse reading from a Tibetan monk, Baba Ramdas Swami, who made him vow that he would train others without charging a fee. This is unique technique as I can tell you what is happening in your body and mind. When I learnt this technique my guru was 125 years old and he had manuscripts that were 2,000 years old. My wife Smita is involved more in the research and formulations of Ayushakti products manufactured at our Palghar factory, which uses herbs grown in Ratnagiri and Himalayas. Our success is due to precise pulse reading and careful preparations of medicines. There are 350 different combinations of pulse and takes a three year training to learn’

Could you elaborate on the treatment procedure?
"Through pulse diagnosis the doctor realizes as to what is the problem accordingly through the medium of body massages, medicines, exercices and a strict diet the patients are treated. The patients are provided with accommodation too, until the treatment is completed. At the Malad centre, we also serve meals which are cooked by our staff which is completely health oriented devoid of spices and fats".

Could you narrate any particular instance of cure?
"A German whose name was Bhakti Vaibhav Swami was suffering from a 16 year old prostate infection, after three weeks of treatment he was cured 95 percent. Vaibhav Swami’s indigestion problem too disappeared and his energy and memory levels improved"
For proper health what would you advice?
"Be closer to nature and eat natural products, regular exercises and a positive attitude in life is essential".

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