Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aseem Merchant .....Not to loose heart............

Meet Aseem Merchant a Multi-facet man, the Gladrags winner of 1996 and a Super model and an actor… Interview by Rajendra Ganotra and Vijay Shanker.

Q) Tell us about your self?
A) I am the winner of Gladrags Manhunt in year 1996 and after having a successful career in field of modeling and the fashion industry , I featured in a number of music albums such as “Bin Tere Sanam”, “Jalwa 2” and “I love you”.

Q) What you did in modeling?
A) I have done adds for Brylcream,mafatlal shirts,Lipton Tea,Canada Dry and Cambridge Shirts.
Q) Which movie are you doing now?
A) I am doing many movies right now but I would like to mention about “Bullet Ek Dhamaka” ,film by Vikram Razdan and Aseema –beyond boundaries
Q) Tell us something about “Bullet Ek Dhamaka”
A) It has multi-cultural star cast and features international technicians which has given the movie an international look. The story is of a terrorist threat,is being hatched by Don Raja of Bulgaria. To wipe out India from the face of the earth.The breath taking 21 min finale filmed by the topmost Hollywood action experts,unravels the outcome of this edge of the seat fight to the finish.

Q) Are you in touch with Priyanka Chopra?
A) Not now,She was very close to me before. Right now she is star.

Q) What happened in the past?
A) I was going thro” crisis after crisis within my family.I was hurt and humiliated and ready to give up industry,but Priyanka Chopra stood by my side and encourage me not to loose .

Q) Tell us about “Aseema-beyond boundaries?
A)"Aseema - beyond boundaries" The Film
Aseema- beyond boundaries is the maiden venture based on the widely acclaimed Oriya novel "Aseema", written by noted Oriya poet, author, novelist Mrs Sailaja K Aparajita Mohanty. It's a heartwarming story based in Orissa of the eighties and nineties- a story that shall appeal to Indian audience across the globe, a story that shall redefine relationships and rediscover unadulterated love.

Aseema is based on the resilience of a woman, the strength of her character and her conviction. The film elevates womanhood to a new domain and presents her disciplined determination and patience to achieve her goals single-handedly.The film will also highlight the essence of true love- love that does not understand the boundaries of age and time, love that can wait endlessly and love that can be giving without any expectations

This film is being produced by Kabindra. P. Mohanty, directed by Sishir P Mishra( Directed Bheegi Palkein) and has soulful music by Shameer Tandon ( Of Page 3 and Corporate Fame ). The film starts Gracy Singh, Aseem Merchant, Kiran Kumar, Neha Pendse, Siddhant, Surendra Pal and Aryan Singh in the lead roles.
This film is being shot within a 45 days schedule in Orissa followed by a week in Mumbai.

Q) You have your events Company too?
A) Yes,it’s at Bandra (w).

Q) What’s the message to viewers?
A) One can be model and an actor.Models can become actor.

Q) Your email id and contact number?
A) 26402454,

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