Friday, December 19, 2008

Soketu Parikh curated an art show "beyond creative "(faces and names) "

Artiste /curator Soketu Parikh curated an art show "beyond creative "(faces and names"at samina lokhandwala's gallery sams art hub it was an evening to remember with Shailesh patels was getting immense appreciation as he takes good quality time to complete each painting Soketu was showing the work around with aplomb which was worth appreciation , Mr Paul US consulate loved the work he mentioned it to soketu... Samina and soketu wanted a peace message to send out with the preview...the white rose said it all soketu and samina specifically wanted to give out the message thier own way ...which was taken ina positive stride the evening was a success...

A Soul Painter: Soketu Parikh -Soketu is providing an opportunity through his paintings to get close to experiencing the magic of hidden agendas and buried emotions by hosting this exhibition "beyond creative" which is unveiled by .SOKETU states –"My art is a part of my spiritual journey which began a few years back i have had some fabulous encounters with cosmic energy and i "see" that the constant flow of cosmic energy rules my life. Today I am a professional artist. My only tutor has been my inner expression. But having said that let me say - past the teaching, the books and the training, it is ultimately within the creator; who cannot be taught it is self directed. Our creation, when shared with others, we part with an intangible piece of ourselves.

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