Monday, December 15, 2008

Raj Kapoor Special on 'Close-Up Performer'

As a tribute to greatest show man Raj Kapoor Close-Up Performer will be telecasting a Special episode on Monday 15th Dec on D.D.1 at 10 PM.
A Real 'REALITY' talent-hunt MUSICAL SHOW – inspired by Shri Ravindra Jain and piloted by Deevya R. Jain, Creative Director. Ace composer cum lyricist Shri Ravindra Jain conjures up many memories of sensuous, ever-green and ever-lasting tunes he gave to hindi film music More, he has given multiple talents to the music world in the form of Yesudas, Suresh Wadkar, Jaspal Singh, Hemlata & Aarti Mukherjee to name a few in the last 30 years. It's therefore only fitting that 'CLOSE-UP PERFORMER' chose Ravindra Jain as the shows mascot and piloting the event to bring to the fore singing talents from various parts of the country. The Close-up research team and its judges laboriously heard singers from all parts of the land and selected 100 singers in Mumbai.A huge set-up of Close-up Performer has been erected in Mumbai where 30 participants in 6 groups will showcase their singing skills - in different segments - week-by-week. The winning singers are assured of singing assignments in movies and tele films assures Mr.Jain whose D.R. Productions is piloting the project.
The judges on the panel are :
1. Mr.Ravindra Jain 2. Mr.Shravan {both composers} and 3. M/s. Madhushree {well known singer}.
The Close-up Performer show is planned to be a delightful & mesmerizing musical event providing a whiff of fresh fragrance to the music world in the form of talented singers who remain 'un-discovered' to this day.
The musical content is a honest and sincere effort to enchant music lovers with passionate music which is closer to the heart. It will be a riveting, engrossing and enjoyable fare promises Ravindra Jain. After giving us great songs from films such as Chitchor, Ram teri ganga maili, Saudagar, Geet gaata chal and in popular tele-serials we can afford to believe the words of Ravindra Jain The anchors of the programme are : Mr.Ravi Tripathi and M/s Shweta Pandit, both playback singers.

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