Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Love: A universal emotion

On 15Dec 2008 at Museum Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Daxa Khandwala celebrated the inauguration ceremony of her paintings exhibition Love: a universal emotion with 'Make a Wish' foundation's five kids.

Among the celebrities were singer Madhushree, DJ Vipin & model Priyanka, actor Khushboo Gupta, Tabu & Richard Rothmans, Veronique from the trade commission of France, Saina NC, Bijon Dasgupta, producer Shayam Singhania, Malti & Mudit Jain, maharani of Jaisalmer Hema Kumari, filmmaker Mitsy Ferrant, artists Milon Mukherjee, Hufreesh, Prithvi Soni, K Prakash, Madhusudan, Vipta Kapadia, Amisha Mehta with the other who's who of the art world and Pg3 celebs, who graced the event.

There was a huge antique metal pot filled with water & flower and each of the guests and celebrities lit a floating candle and floated in the pot. Which was for the long life of the Make a Wish foundation's kids and Mumbai's peace & a homage to the all the brave martyrs of 26/11.

Daxa Khadwala said, "I always wanted to do something for these kids and I wish that a good sale will help me contribute better. With this exhibition I just want that we all should spread this universal emotion- Love, which keeps us together and alive."

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