Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bunts Sangha sports event

Bunts Sangh is 81 year old commitee where all South Indians are members.They organised their sports meet 08 for fitness and get together at Powai from 8am to 10 pm.They play all the sports thoughout the day.The event was at S.M Shetty high school in powai.All big names from bollywood were supposed to come but only four to five people came as they were busy in shootings.Jojo,Susheel Jangira,Khayali and DJ Sheizwood came to wish all the best to the participants.They were given coconut water to drink on arrival.Khayali was great with his comic style and laughter jokes.jojo sang five songs related to shilpa shetty which he has sung in some of the movies,All the guest were fecilitated with flowers and shawls.Satish Shetty with Mahesh Shetty and Vachan shetty took good care of the guest and participants.

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