Friday, December 5, 2008

Katrina Kaif: Total workaholic!

Katrina Kaif is a thorough workaholic! The actress does not like asingle minute going waste when it comes to work. So imagine Katrina'sdisgust when the director is compelled to cancel the day's shooting due to reasons beyond reach. A unit members revealed, "The incident occurred on the sets of Ajab Pyar Ki Ghazab Kahaani. It was pouring cats and dogs that day. Rajkumar Santoshi had no choice but cancel the shooting of the film. While the lead star Ranbir Kapoor and the entireunit rejoiced at the thought of having an entire day off, Katrina was saddened by it. "A day off is such a waste of time," Katrina was heard saying. Katrina wished it had not rained heavily. "She wished work would continue as usual. Katrina enjoys being occupied with work all the time because she puts her heart and soul in it. She always says that there's no substitute to hard work."

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