Monday, December 1, 2008

Priyanshu Chatterjee salutes the courage of our brave men in uniform

The army has always been working for us, laying down their lives for our safety at the border. But for the first time on such a large level, we saw our army ATS,NSG, policemen and all forces actually come on the telescreens when we were glued to the television sets. It was like a Die Hard coming true and the bravery of each of our men in uniform who put their lives in the line of fire to save us, it was amazing. In times when the media is in a position of unprecedented power, I am sure it will do our armed forces, who I believe are short-staffed, a world of good by bringing our youth back to joining the forces as a career option. I am not saying that a calamity like this is what brings about a resurgence of the importance of the forces but then if that is what it takes then so be it because our forces have proved yet again that there is no greater job than to fight for one's country selflessly.

Another thing we must do is to let the normalcy in our lives get restored as soon as possible. For those of us who have lost our loved ones,, the loss is irreplacable.
As Indians, we must try and restore the normalcy in our lives as that is what those who lay down their lives for us strived to achieve.

I am proud of my country as an Indian and wish that we let this moment pass and move forward without giving this incident of terrorism a religious colour. Orange and green are colours on our national flag and we should salute them both.We take great pride in our unity and that is one of our prime strengths so let us not allow any force to weaken us on that front.

A terrorist, according to me, has no religion. He is simply a terrorist.

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