Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mere Gharib Nawaz - Releases Today

Raj Films Creations’ MERE GHARIB NAWAZ, directed by Dhirendra Agarwal . The film is being made on the ultimate devotion and faith of people on Khwaja Ajmer Shareef and after 22 years, a film maker has made an attempt on this subject.

Legendary actor Kader Khan is seen in a Hindi film after a long time which is all due to his faith on MERE GHARIB NAWAZ.

MERE GHARIB NAWAZ has believers from all religions and faiths, whether Hindu or Muslim and the wish of everyone gets fulfilled when they come to the Dargaah of Khwaja. It is important point to be noted that more than 60% of the visitors to the Dargaah are non-Muslims.

Film MERE GHARIB NAWAZ’s story reflects this fact. In the film, a girl named Najma who lives in America but every year she comes to the Dargaah without fail. On one of her visits, Iqbal & Rashida see her and wish that she marries their son Salim. On the other hand, Salim is in love with Nasreen and doesn’t like the proposal but to please his parents, he agrees to marry Najma. However, even after marriage, Salim keeps the relation with Nasreen. Najma comes to know about this but she doesn’t get dejected because she has full faith in Khwaja and believes that one day Salim will realize his mistake. After some time, Salim meets an accident and becomes handicapped. Nasreen immediately leaves him but Najma keeps faith in Khwaja. She takes Salim to the Dargaah in Ajmer Sharif and with the blessings, Salim once again becomes fit. Finally Salim realizes that he was always unfair on Najma and accepts her wholeheartedly.

The film will definitely attract the masses. The main actors of MERE GHARIB NAWAZ include Gulshan Rana, Priya Singh, Deepali, Chandrakala, Anil Nagrath, Richa Varma, Vishwajit, Saheb Khan, Dhirendra Agarwal, Joginder and Kader Khan. The film is being produced by Salim Khan, lyrics by Suroor Lucknowi & P.L.Sawant, music by Ghulam Ali. The film is being released on this BAKRI EID.

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