Sunday, December 14, 2008

The power of 'Becoming One….'

Mukteshwari threw a party for artist Vikram Arora's painting exhibition Becoming One… on Dec 12 at Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Juhu,

Among the celebrities were actors Aamir Ali, Varun Badola, Rajeshwari, Sanjeeda, Kapil Sharma, singer Madhushree, DJ Vipin, models Priyanka, Tarun Vohra, Shruti Sharma, director-actors Aditya Raj Kapoor, Kanishk Gangwal, artists Rajat Dhar, Chintan Upadhaya, Savia Mahajan and socialite Umesh Jivnani among others.

"Vikram is an excellent artist" says Ashish Balram Nagpal straight from the heart. Adds Vikram," Back at Point Aven in France, I found a way to express the emotions that my surroundings had on me. That got translated onto the canvas; which is what you're seeing here - the process of fusion, the evolution to 'becoming one'. It was an experience that bridged the gap between object, emotion and me. The tree, the bird, the bottle and the stones all transcended to me; state of mind and a new identity was created - an infinite identity, without any boundaries or norms. An identity, wherein all, was finally one..."

Vikram Arora's exhibition is on at Ashish Balram Nagpal Art Gallery, Colaba till Dec16.

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