Tuesday, December 2, 2008

German band Simple N-ergy join hands with Kamal Mahrshi

Kamal Mahrshi was born in the pink city of India Jaipur, While studying only he realized that he was not cut out to be amongst the crowd, but to become something special. He had a talent of singing which made him popular in school and college. But his aim was something else. To make it big, bigger, biggest. To fulfill his dream he went on different parts of the world to learn different form of music, but stopped in London to make his base. But that's not a place for a Hindi singer, So after few years he landed in the city of dreams Mumbai. The world was tough here. He kept meeting people but that produced no results. To survive in this city he started working as a copy writer and along with that he also kept doing live shows here and there. He wrote for radio, television and adfilms too. He went on to work with Shahrukh, Kareena and a lot of big television stars. But his dream of becoming a singer was not getting fulfilled, there was no hope, no sign and he again went back to London, and that was a turning point. He got to perform there with a German band called Simple N-ergy. And that's when they decided to join hands and enter the Indian market. They produced a Hindi ,English and German language album called Brown culture in the studios of Cologne, Germany. And here they are with this amazing album having seven tracks. And a writer finaly turned to become a singer.

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