Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dil Kabaddi-Synopsis

The Movie is quite enjoyable. This is basically a comedy based on the lives of two married couples and the numerous marital and extra-marital goings on that happen with these two couples.

The four leads are impressive. Soha Ali Khan has become matured into a little dynamo of an actress, good things come in small packages. Konkona, one of my favourite actresses, is as always wonderful. She has captured the essence of the character and her dialogue delivery and timing is top notch.
Rahul Bose is back to form with this one although he has done this style of acting before in Pyar ke side effects.
Irrfan Khan has gives a wonderfully natural performance that endears him to the audience although we may not condone his actions in the movie. His dialogue delivery and timing in certain scenes make you really laugh out loud. His performance is probably the one that stays with you after you leave the cinema.

There are a number of small but wonderful supporting performances in this movie as well but I have to mention one in particular : Mohit Chauhan. As they say good things come in small packages !!
Mohit Chauhan was last seen in Chak De in the striking role of ( Uttam.....) along with Sharukh Khan as his best buddy who pulls him back on his feet n gets him as the hockey team captain. Even though the film was swarmed by the numerous girls that was a fantastic performance by Mohit.This talented boy can be seen in the Bingo chips advertisement which has hit the screens lately and is very promising.
He is also working on some promising new projects such as Prince of thieves starring Vivek Obeori and Chai Chai garam starring Subiel Shetty.He has a lot of untapped potential. Something about him reminds one of the young Amir Khan!!

Kudos to the director, script writer and also to the dialogues writer since they managed to deliver a tight, taut film that does not flag at all after the interval.

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