Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why Samir Soni preferred calling Priyanka, Miss Chopra!

Samir Soni always called Priyanka Chopra as Miss Chopra on the sets of Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. He also treated her like a young girl and remained distant while shooting. When we questioned the actor on why he preferred to stay distant from his co-star, Samir was as forthright as ever, "Priyanka is much younger than me and a big star.
However in the film I am this famous designer, the country's No. 1 in Fashion and she is a struggling model who wants to make it big, I wanted to maintain those dynamics. Every time I saw her I wanted to see "Meghna" the up-coming model and not Priyanka the "star". I feel these little things very subtly change your body language and make the dynamics more real, there were times before a scene I would see a calm and collected Priyanka, so I would tease her a little until I got a glimpse of the young Meghna and my job was done" But then off camera, actors do tend to let their guard down. "No, I rarely let my guard down completely, by and large I like to maintain the equation and stay as close as I can to the character and the mood of the scene.
Besides exchanging social pleasantries, I find going in and out of the mood of the scene a sheer waste of energy. Even if it takes one percent away from the scene, I don't think it's worth it. So, I do land-up being by myself most of the time between shots in my van listening to music.'' But don't people mistake the distance for attitude and tend to call him snobbish? "I am serious about my work and nothing else matters except delivering 100 per cent, anything less is blasphemy to me. If that is taken for snobbishness, so be it!"

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