Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anjori learns to play piano! It is art that makes life worthwhile

They say that usually life inspires art but for someone creative and talented like Anjorie it is art that makes life worthwhile. "Because while doing artistic things you get to learn so many new things that you would never have otherwise bothered to do it in real life," explains Anjorie.

Giving an example she says, "My character in 1920 plays the piano. I had never played a piano in real life before. Vikram was keen that I learn the art for authenticity. I learnt to play the tune used by a piano teacher. I thoroughly rehearsed it for ten days. And by the end of it I was hooked to playing the piano and wanted to pursue my learnings further. And thought the piano scene has been deleted from the film, it has found a permanent place in my life. Today I am
mastering the art of playing the piano in real life which I would never had otherwise had it not be used in the film."

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