Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Music director - Bapi- Tutul of Phoonk fame

The music directors Bapi and Tutul are reserved and secretive. They display resourcefulness in the handling of people and work through difficulties more easily than may be anticipated. They have courage and have own convictions to say and do the things they consider to be correct. Their life is creative one. They are always busy with work that will advance the world, and promote goodwill among men. They are reliable and trustworthy and earn a good reputation in life.

They have leadership and they both enjoy their role. The keynote of their thinking and actions is structure. They have an infinite capacity for work which amounts to the classical definition of genius.They are satisfied with their work. They like to formulate and plan very carefully. Precision and efficiency mark their efforts, and success crowns them. They like to move in intellectual circles.

They are independent, self willed, active and desirous of being in command of affairs. They are courageous by nature and not likely to be afraid of facing danger when it arises. They always like to fight against conditions of an unfair and restrictive nature. Their success and career start after Sarkar Raj. They have creative ideas and know very well how to carry them out with the help of right people.They have ambition, pride and austerity.

Both bothers hail from a family of music lovers from Kolkatta. In fact they developed their fascination for music at a very tender age. Their mother had deep interest in music and was a regular practitioner of vocal music. Their mother gave them musical lessons and per sued to join vocal music under noted classical Singer Pandit Sitaramhari Dandeker.

They have given music to lots of films started with Paisa Vasool, Khosala Ka Ghosla, Sarkar Raaj, Rewind, Phoonk, Ek Hasina Thee, James, Telugu film " Rakshak" and many more projects are in hand.

For them music is universal and believe that their growth as a music director is a natural process and can't be preplanned. Today music has become life itself and one cannot think about living without music and music has become globalisation. They firmly believe that all the musical Gurus have been their Gurus and believe Ram Gopal Verma is the best teacher who gives them lots of money for experiment in music. About Ram Gopal Verma, their view are he is a prolific and brilliant director who takes up any particular character or subject and makes a film on it. Being an experimentalist Ram Gopal Verma always comes up with innovative ideas and a new treatment to life that might shocked, thrilled , excite or frightened the audiences to such an extent that it creates a lasting impression on the viewers.About their favourite music directors, they like Raviji, Madan Mohanji, Girish Joshi, Shanker Ashan Roy, favourite singers are Kailash, Shaan , Mahalaxmi, Pandit Jasraj and Pandit Ajay , favourite directors are Bimal Rai, Hrishikeshji and Prakash jha.

Last but not the least, their message to the viewers are listen and promote good songs and always buy the music CD and not to download it .

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