Friday, October 10, 2008

Model turns actress-Vishakha Singh

Rajput descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan
Coming summer vacations, the industry is abuzz with new film releases and also marks the debut of many a newcomers. However, Vishakha Singh's debut is different as she is the only newcomer who has to live up to the names of Meena Kumari and Hema Malini; her predecessors who have been the leading heroines in Kamal Amrohi Films. The banner that is relaunching itself with 'humsey hai jahaan' has earlier made epics like pakeezah and razia sultan.So, how does she react to these comparisons? " Frankly, its not fair.. I am just a newcomer doing the first film. However, the responsibilty of living upto the contributions that they have made to this banner and these films is a little daunting. Though i must say, I am quite enjoying the whole ride"

Making a debut with a first time actor/director mustn't have been a cake walk. "I wasnt worried about Mashhoor being first time director/actor; as long as my role is clear cut and well explained, i dont worry about other issues. i just focus on my job"

This focused girl is a blue blooded Rajput; descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan. Coming from a traditional family that has no connections to bollywood at all , was it difficult to convince parents? ' My parents were surprised with my decision simply because I am well educated, having done my post graduation in Advertising and Public Relations. But i was able to convince them somehow. Education never goes waste. It just made more sense to capitalise on the looks now and brains later" .

Vishakha has been a model..having modeled for big brands like sunsilk, Samsung, Medimix, Damas etc.

She was shortlisted for chak de and one of Shimit Amin's Assistants suggested her name to Mashhoor Amrohi for this role; She met the team and auditioned for the role and bagged it. so while she missed out on that role she got this one. "Everything works out for the best. In humsey hai jahaan, besides being the main lead I am also the only female character in d entire film. So the role is quite meaty"

I play a girl who is pampered n very protected. Very close to the way i have been brought up in real life. But in future i would love to do roles that are completely different from what i am in real life.

Vishakha already has two more movies' lined in her kitty even before the release of debut film. " I take pride i d fact that whatever movies i am doing have been purely on d basis of performance and auditions. No recommendations or god fathers. But yes, Humsey hai jahaan probably became my learning ground for honing my skills."

She is not a trained actor and most newcomers today usually are. " I think acting is inherent. An actor is always born. I do think that its great to be trained but i dont think its a pre-requisite. Yes, but certainly dancing is"' she jokes. " I love dancing and am currently training in jazz, hip hop and bollywood with Ashley Lobo. Infact i hate missing my dance classes because of all the interviews and pre release publicity work"

Vishakha's debut will also mark a dance number with Prem Chopra. 'Yes, we have danced together in a fantastic song called marhaba. I think he is simply superb in d song" and adds laughing," he probably will become the hot new item boy after this song..all of us new comers will have to pull our socks!"

I would love my career graph to follow Kajol, Rani Mukherjee's and Vidya balan's. Would especially love to work with Vishal Bharadwaj, Farhan Akhtar, AAmir Khan, and many many more . "I am a great student if i get a good teacher".that's the reason i am praying I get to work with my favorite directors.

I am not praying for instant stardom. I just want to be known as a professional and a good actor.

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