Monday, October 27, 2008

"Chak De India" actor spiced up

Mohit Chauhan is a talented actor with serials and movies to his credit.Mohit’s career has taken an upward rise after he did a cameo role with SHARUKH KHAN in Chak De India.In an exclusive interview with Rajendra Ganotra (Raj Journalist) ,Mohit reveals his passion for acting,his involvement with theatre and ad films and also much more.

Q) Tell me about your life as a young boy?
A) I hail from a family which has military background hence enrolled myself as a student in Sainik School (Nainital).In School I was very much interested in acting, I was involved with theatre.I was also good in sports and was ranked as a top boxer.

Q) How than did you get your first break in acting?
A) I made a start with the serial (Café 18) and that was a fine start towards acting in serials and movies.

Q) As a model which are the ads you have appeared?
A)Sundrops oil,Black Pepper Soda and Aqua Safe water.

Q)Tell us about your roles in serials and movies?
A) I have acted in several serials but the roles were not very satisfying but after I appeared in Shimit Amin’s Chak De India,people started recognizing me as an actor.

Q) What is the significance of your role in “Chak De India”?
A)Although brief my role is significance because I became instrumental in bringing back Kabir Khan to limelight which was played by Sharuk Khan.

Q) What was your reactions when you realized that you have scenes with Sharukh Khan?
A) I was little scared and I learnt my dialogues well. We both rehearse the scenes quite well and I must tell you that Sharukh Khan gives you lot of positive energy to do well.I really cherish these moments with Sharukh Khan and would look forward to work with him again.

Q) Are you happy with the roles that are offered to you?
A) I am glad that I am getting the roles that I deserve. The role may be small but should have a strong relation to the story of the film, so that I get a scope to act and perform well.

Q)Would you like to accept the roles that don’t suit your age?
A) It doesn’t really matter as far as the age is concerned because I feel as an actor the quality of the performance is more important inspite of your age.

Q) Favourite actor and actress?
A) Sanjeev Kumar and Madhuri Dixit.

Q) Tell me something about your dog “WHISKY”?
A) Whisky is like a child to me and he is a talented actor.

Q) Any message to the viewers?
A) In unity is strength and those who have plenty want more and so lose all they have.

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