Thursday, October 30, 2008

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In an interview with dynamic singer Sital Banerjee, Rajendra Ganotra talks to him about his life as a singer and his debut album “ Pehli Mulaqat” and much more.

Q) How would you define music?
A) Music is my life and life is music. Just like the way a human being cannot live without breathing, similarily music signifies everything in my life. Hence I have been naturally inclined to music.

Q) Tell me something about you ?
A) I hail from a family of music lovers and practitioners, thereby I was initiated at the tender age in my hometown at Kolkatta.

Q) How are you different from other Singers?
A) I liked to sing all types of songs particularily romantic and gazals. As a singer it is necessary to be versatile and explore one’s capabilities in all genres of music and try to established as a distanct musician, pertaining to a particular kind of music.

Q) Who inspired you?
A) Nature is my inspiration for music. As the day begins one can hear the chirpy of the birds and sweet music of the nightingale which is rare find in metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

Q) Any artist you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
A) I like to work with great music directors like A. R Rehman, Shravanji, and many other great artist.

Q) What is your aim in your life?
A) To become a great singer and good human being.

Q) Your mantra for survival in this competitive industry?
A) My mantra is to sing melodious songs which again is not there in today’s musical world. The Bollywood music is dominated more by rhythm and less by melody. I would like to sing songs which has a fusion of both rhythm and melody. Hence if I concentrate more on the quality that would become my mantra for harmonious music.

Q) What do you think of the current music scene in Bollywood?
A) Today’s Bollywood music is dominated more by rhythm and rather than harmony and lot of musical instruments are used but sometimes one feels that the soul of music is still missing. Nevertheless there are few music directors like A.R Rehman who has introduced the new wave in Bollywood music which is uppealing and soul stirring.

Q) What happiness and success mean to you?
A) Being a singer I always relate to music as the main source of happiness and success. Hence happiness and success can be achieved only through music.

Q) Any Bollywood projects?
A) Not yet, but I like to work for Bollywood.

Q) What about challenges you faced in your life?
A) I liked to face challenges and I have struggled a lot to come at this stage. After two years I am getting the role of singer in my real life.

Q) Any message to the viewers?
A) In today’s world there are lot of problems and tragedies. I will be only happy if my music can provide happiness and peace to all human being.

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