Monday, October 27, 2008

Hitendra Chauhan in Rishi's Bhojpuri film " Maarey Karejwa Mein Teer"

Bhojpuri Hero Hetendra Chauhan (looks like mixture of Hritik Roshan and Harmen Bwaveja) in Rishi " Maarey Karejwa Mein Teer".

A love triangle that houses Bollywood, it is only appropriate for a Bhojpuri film that shows the life of the stars to be a hit.The film shows a love triangle between a hero and two heroines.The film is a hilarious comedy which shows Hitendra Chauhan as the love of both heroines produced and directed by Rishi,Music by Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen and written by Shivanshumali (Tuntun).The other two heroines are Priya Peter and Neha Sarna of Delhi.Few questions asked about his film says Hitendra ," Its one of the finest scripts I have read, and I am a good actor,otherwise it would have been embarrassing for me to promote me as an actor. I will certainly make it big in Bhojpuri and Bollywood.Currently I am enjoying in this film.I also want to concentrate on Bollywood .Later I would love to do my own album a collection of songs .
About Hitendra Chauhan-He is sceptical and do not believe in any thing unless he is convinced about the facts.He doesn't take quick decisions unless he is sure of the results. He is very cautious and do not like to speculate. His mind is analytical and philosophic and think deeply. he has energy and ambition and develop perseverance. He is very studious and methodical but take everything seriously. He has few fiends and feel lonely in life. He is independent in thought and action and do not like to be dominated by others.His ideas about beauty and social behaviour are good.He is attracted to intelligent and clever people,but never like to interfere in their affairs.He is exceedingly ambitious and think of the highest position by right.It is remarkable that he believes that the best should be his.

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