Friday, October 31, 2008

Menaxxshi Sharma—Shabana Azmi of olden days is back!

Menaxxshi Sharma has a lot of uniqueness in her portfolio.She’s been Miss Teen,is known to be a beautician and has been both,a sport anchor and a writer.But that’s not what men find intimidating about her.Its her gymming schedule that they do.Being a fitness buff, Menaxxshi Sharma hits the gym every day.She also analyses her diet every day.She also analyses her diet and workout schedules on a weekly basis,and reads up everything on the subject she can lay her hands on.

Q) When you were bitten by the acting bugs?

A) I am a born actor .So no question of acting bugs.

Q) To what extent are you gone for exposure as far as bollywood is concerned?

A) Though I hail from a modern family,I know where to draw the line but at the same time let me tell you that it does not in any way stop me from doing what I feel is right.

Q)What kind of roles do you want to do in serials as an actress?

A) I am very keen on doing a variety of roles because I do not want to get typecast.I am even ready to take a negative role if I feel that it is strong enough for me to do it convincingly.

Q) What is your aims as an actress?

A) As an actress I want to make sure that I am able to leave a distinct path of my own.At the same time I am also equally desirous of experimenting as an actress by working with new directors who have fire in them to prove themselves.

Q) Please tell me about your work?
A) I have completed acting course from one of the best institute name "Kishore Namit Kapoor" acting lab in Mumbai.I have been trained in dancing with Shamak Dawar and have also done various classes regarding dance.I have done Many TV commercials for the brand Amul ice -cream,TVS scooty,Godrej for hair,Reliance Mobile then I have been feature in Femina Magazine.Did prints for Macdonalds,BPL mobile,Kirplon,Femina Girl and catalogue for Indian outfits.I have been worked for a Sweden Magazine which was been shot by the photographer name Andre Wolf.I have done few TV serials but not in the lead role,now I want to do the main lead role in TV serials as well as in Bollywood Cinema. I want to make all proud of me as Best human being and to be the best model , TV actress and Bollywood actress.

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