Monday, October 27, 2008

Shravan’s musical entertainer presents “ Kaashh Mere Hote ! passionately yours….

Tall , handsome and young hunk to join Bollywood with a bang is Kumar Sahil of Ludhiana ( Punjab). Kumar Sahil is quite excited about his debut film “ Kaashh Mere Hote.. which will be releasing very soon. Kumar Sahil plays the role of a professional photographer opposite young and sexy Sneha Ullal. Kumar Sahil is independent, self- willed, active and desirous of being in command of affairs. He is courageous by nature and not likely to be afraid of facing danger when it arises. He always likes to fight against conditions of an unfair and restrictive nature. His success and career starts with “ Kaashh Mere Hote”. He is reliable and trustworthy and has earns a good reputation in his home town.

'Kaashh Mere Hote' is a romantic musical, thriller produced by veteran music director Shravanji. K.M.H is a musical triangle with Sneha Ullal and Sana Mirza. The major attraction of the movie is the music which is directed by Sanjeev S Darshan who is the son of famous music director Shravanji. The highlight of the film is the role played by Rajesh Khannaji as the father-in- law of Kumar Sahil.

After a long lapse Charming and Sexy Sneha Ullal makes a comeback in “ Kaashh Mere Hote” as the leading lady opposite hot and handsome Kumar Sahil. Sneha Ullal says, “ I am quite excited about this film as I am playing the lead and that too after two years. Although I started my career with Salman Khan but unfortunately it didn’t make much of a headway for me but now I am quite happy about the film and have a very positive attitude as I am looking forward to a greater heights as an actress. Kumar Sahil is a nice guy and it was wonderful to have him as the leading man”.

Sneha Ullal is tall with good eyes. She is happy with her mother but is also fond of companion. She has too much economy of sentiments. On the whole, her social field is limited , she has few friends and she is lucky.

SNEHA ULLAL (Interview Part-1) with Arun Kamal

SNEHA ULLAL (Interview Part-2) with Arun Kamal

KUMAR SAHIL (Interview) with Arun Kamal

SHRAVAN (Interview) with Wajid Mansoori

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