Monday, October 27, 2008

Amrish Puri 's voice charisma is back.....( Sharhaan Singh from Punjab)

Handsome Sharhaan Singh is a typical Punjab da MUNDA with lot of aspirations and ambitions in life.Sharhaan Singh has already acted in serials,ad films and regional movies.In the bilingual film “Back to Honeymoon”, Sharhan Singh plays the role which is true to his own life and is quite excited about his role.
In the serial “Rakhi” which is on Zee T.V, Sharhaan Singh plays the role of Ayub Khan”s younger brother as “Amber” and this role has brought him lot of popularity. Sharhaan Singh is quite serious about his profession and he is prepared to perform any roles which has substance.

Sharhaan Singh is quite impressed by the Veteran Villain “Amrish Puri” and feels his VOICE resembles Amrish puri quite a lot and really his voice is like Amrish Puri (no doubt in it).His hobbies are swimming,dancing and flirting with girls and he is very much punctual.He believes in astrology and numberology.
Sharahan Singh is happy over the upward trend in his career both as a model and an actor.He is quite excited about his early success inspite of making his start with humble beginning.

Whom would you like to be reborn as ?
Amrish Puriji.

What inspires your acting?

Actors you would like to work with?

Would you ever do something like that in real life?
Yes I like to do.

What sort of music do you personally feel close to?
Classical Music.

Can you tell me about your brother?
Rahul is a good dancer and an actor too.He has joined Kishor Namit Kappor’s institute and is doing quite well.He always give respect to me.

Where do you want to be in 5 years ?
I want to be Super Star of Bollywood.

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