Saturday, October 18, 2008

Affle's Sms2.0 becomes the largest mobile media in India.

Mobile advertising has often been toutes as the next big revolution in advertising , but has usually been constained by the lack of reach and the spam\ push nature of most advertising options. Affle, a UK - based mobile media Company, has, however, revolutioned this in India with the launch of SMS2.0 . In these few months of launch, Affle's SMS2.0 media platform has gained mass acceptance from users, advertisers, agencies, etc, and has risen to be India's top mobile media channel, delivering over 65 million targeted impressions a month.

Affle, which had launched its mobile media platform SMS 2.0 in India late last year, has received an overwhelming response from users resulting in over 1 lakh new users getting added every month. Given that the users are enjoying their engagement with this new media, advertisers have been quick to lap it up as well and are leveraging this mobile screen in varied ways to deliver targeted and interactive communication.
SMS2.0 is an upgrade to the SMS application, which replaces and thus captures the most valuable real estate on the phone, the SMS screen. As most users use their mobile phone only for talking and SMSing, the SMS screen is the place where user's eyeballs are the most intently engaged with handset.
Affle operated in five countries -- the U.K, India,Singapore, Thailand and the U.S. The company is also in the process of strategically expanding into other mobile markets in Asia and Europe very soon.

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