Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Priety Zinta:Most influenced business women

Preity Zinta along with her entire Mohali team is headed to Bangkok to address a media conference. "I am looking forward to the conference. I want to be the driving force behind my team," she says. Recently a foreign publication named Preity as the most influential business woman who owned an entire IPL team. But Preity says that things aren't easy just because she is a boss of a team. "In fact it is the other way round," she says. "As a boss I have to not only to remain in constant touch with my team but also pep them up time and again so that they do thier best on the field." "Besides that," Priety says, "I am the one who looks into all the details about meetings, conferences, chalking out agendas and also making it a point to be on the field. I take care of all the minute details. In that sense it is hard work--sheer hard work!" Interestingly, Preity, the boss, prefers the no makeup look when on the field. "I don't want to come across like a heroine in the cricket
ground, "she says laughing.Obviously Preity Zinta the brand is stronger than Preity the heroine!

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