Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mohe Rest De! Gavie Chahal Snippet

He picked up a dhol and sprained his back. The next morning, he was up on the shoot. Riding a horse and a bullock cart, braving his pain and shot for 16 hours straight.

But after shooting nonstop for 7 days post the shoot, Colors' Mohe Rang De now has a log thrust into the spokes as the lead actor Gavie Chahal's slip disc has played up severely.

The sequence was thus. It was 'Basant Panchami' and Rajvir, Gavie's character in the film, had to pick up the dhol and surprise everyone. To his surprise, he felt a stab of severe pain in his lower back. "After a while, I just couldn't walk. But I had to look joyous and enjoy. After 16 hours of grueling shoot, Gavie went to see the doctor. That's when I found out that I has a slip disc in my third, fourth and fifth vertebrae. The whole body is based on the back, and in this condition, sitting or standing, both are a pain. Doctor told me that all I should do is lie down and rest. At the same, the shooting venue was available for a limited period, and I had to get back the next morning and then the next and the next."

When we spoke to him, Gavie surprised us by being upbeat when we expected him to be down, charged rather than running out of energy and hopeful rather than just rueful. He said, "Yes, I have been injured recently and was about to be admitted in a hospital. Thankfully, my doctor came home with the whole set up and I have to visit the hospital for only about 3 hours daily for acupuncture."

Every so often someone falls on sets, injures a wrist, or has a concussion, but slip discs are rare! The doctor has recommended Gavie rest and relaxation, but the feisty Punjabi munda will not stay down. He says, "I will be rejoining work in two days but my doctor is a very unhappy man when it come to that. He would definitely tie me to the bed if that was possible! "

After a week of 16-hours-a-day nonstop shoot, Gavie is now in bed. He may 'enjoy' two days of rest. And will be back to the sets again. "No pain, no gain," says he. Truly said in the context of the Indian television!

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