Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Changing Loyalties!!!TV Snippet

Gavie Chahal aka Rajbir of Mohe Rang De seems to have changed loyalities in life. Well, don't be surprised, we are talking about his role reversal in the teleserial on Colors. Rajbir, who played the top-notch lawyer for the Brits in the show, in a new move has decided to don the hat of a revolutionary instead, much to the surprise of his wife Kranti.

We met Gavie on the sets of his sitcom, Mohe Rang De, says "This is the way I wanted the serial to progress. I love playing the patriotic hero, who is willing to go to all lengths to protect the interest of his fellow countrymen. I am sure this shift will draw a lot of attention from the viewers and attract newer ones. This is a real crucial part of the serial for all of us and we are really excited."

Now that Gavie has shifted loyalities in the show, what remains to be seen is how this move impacts the popularity of his character in the coming time.

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