Monday, February 9, 2009

Lagi Lagni Shreenath ji ni

'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.[GUJRATI]

The never performed show is finally here for the first time ever, 'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.[Gujrati] Directed by Smt. Poonam Gandhi. The Mega Premiere of the show is on Feb. 20th at Tejpal, time7:30 P.m.

This Musical extravaganza is about Shreenathji leela and the music is extremely enduring .The Sets, music, and the performances by the children who are synonym to innocence will enchant you touching your heart and bring awe in your eyes.

Shrinathji is fondly called Raasrashewar, Nikunjnayak, and Gopivallabh and is synonym with many other names. Being one form amongst many of Lord Krishna, Shrinathji is worshipped world over; and at his temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, millions of Vaishnavs, his devotees, fondly flock the temple gates and the door steps, from early morning till late evening until the last darshan is offered, eagerly awaiting the glimpse of the darshan of their favourite Govardhan-dhari Giriraj Shrinathji and also that of the Aarti performed. Shrinathji blesses all those who visit him with Peace of mind and soul.

Shrinathji's ancedotes are heard of by all, but now you can see and absorb in them in this special performance brought to you by none other than Smt. Poonam Gandhi; in her Musical Dance Drama 'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.

Smt. Poonam Gandhi is acclaimed for her Dance shows not only in India, but she has enthralled people world over with her colorful shows. This performance is her offering to Lord Shrinathji, expressing her gratitude to all what Lord Shrinathji has offered to her.

Produced by Amit Gandhi, Scripted by Kavi Shri Suren Thakar, Lyrics scripted by Kavi Shri. Mukesh Joshi, Smt. Poonam Gandhi presents, 'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.

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