Monday, February 9, 2009

Film "Ek Second -Jo Zindagi Badal de" -Song Picturisation

A Saroj Entertainment Private Limited 's Ek Second- Jo Zindagi Badal De" film releasing Worldwide

Film "Ek Second-Jo Zindagi Badal De" story is of a girl named "Rashi" That girl whose name is "Rashi" but what is written in her destiny she herself is not aware of there is one proverb- which tells that whatever is written in one's destiny in some way or other the incidents actually happen .but if we fight against it and make the incident happen in a different way- then what will happen?

The biggest prey of the trap of destiny is happened to be – Mr. Vikram Sehgal . Vikram Sehgal is India's famous novelist who had an affair with many girls in life. But now he is engaged with Rashi and they are soon getting married. Rashi was unaware of all those girls who were present in vikram's life.

Then destiny played a game. Incidents changes. Rashi worked in a very big company as a creative head. Rashi moved out of her house to go to office that very same day she lost her job. She reached the metro station tired and exhausted where she missed the train. And now for few hours she will not be able to get train b'coz of some problem. May be these kinds of incidents were bound to happen in Rashi's life. Now from here onwards our story gets divided into two parts. One part narrates that story of Rashi –where she was unable to catch the train. And second part narrates the story of that Rashi who catches the train. The incidents that happened in both stages of lives were shocking and surprising. Rashi who could not catch the train comes out of the metro station, one robber snatches her purse outside the metro station and where she gets hurt. A taxi driver takes her to the nursing home where she is treated, bandage is put and dressing is done. This all was actually written in her fate.

But on the other hand Rashi boards the train fighting with her fate. In the train she meets a person named Oni Parker - who is fun loving, joyful and kind hearted person. After the train journey she reaches vikram's house. On that day she catches Vikram with his girlfriend Tamanna. Both quarrel and fight with each other and Rashi breaks off the relationship for ever and walks away.

On the second part, confused by the trap of her fate, "Rashi" goes to Vikram's house from the hospital – she does not know what is happening. Both the stories of the Rashi's life go on differently and separately .In one part Rashi has Vikram and in other part Rashi finds a boyfriend Oni Parker.

More exciting part of two different stories was the single end of both the stories which was more stunning . Sometimes in life a decision made in one second can turn the way of living of our life.

Really a fight with destiny….in this way it has never been presented on the screen. This is………..

Cast and Credits: Produced by Rachanaa Suniiel Singh , Directed By Partho Ghosh, the shooting is of a promotional song , choreographed by Rekha Chinni Prakash, Music by Arvinder Singh, Production Controlled by Bhushan Agarwal, Lyrics By Pradeep Chaudhary, Cinematography By Damodar Naidu.

Starcast : Introducing Suniiel Singh, Mommar Rana, Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff, Roza Catalano and Nikita Anand etc ….

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