Monday, February 9, 2009

Apple music launched new album 'Nazrein milanewali'

Mika and Arshi in new avtar

Apple music launched their new album Nazrein Milanewali with Arshi with Mika .Mika not only gave the music but also sung and featured in the video.Video is hot. was the quote from our chief guest and mika .They also told the media that Arshi is very hot.Harmeet and Manmeet came first with Arshi and Israr Ansari and Raj Suri.Mika was the last to come for the audio release .Guest who came for the party were DJ Sheizwood,Rohit Verma,Bobby Darling,Shibani Kashyap,Ranjeet.The party went till vee hours.There is always controversies where Mika is there.There was a fight between two journalist while taking snaps.Chief guest of the evening was Uttam Kopragade gm of best buses.

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