Monday, February 2, 2009

Kareena is a perfect friend!

Bebo has proved yet again that she is one helluva firend! Recently, she threw a big birthday bash for her family doctor, Dr. Agarwal.

Says a source close to Kareena, "Bebo is very fond of Dr.Agarwal. She went out of her way from her busy schedule and threw him a nice party. She herself made each and every phone call and invited people. A lot
of family friends attended the party. Tushar kapoor, Shabina Khan, Babita, Karisma and many others were present. They all really enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful time. This shows how close Kareena
considers her family friends. She is a considerate person."

"Dr. Agarwal was flattered. He was unaware of the surprise party. He was very happy . He thinks Bebo is a wonderful actress and watches all her films. Dr. Agarwal is a family doctor for other celebrities like
Tabu, Karisma, Urmila and many more", adds the source.

Kareena Kapoor proves that she is a good friend time and again. Be it helping best friend Amrita with health tips or doing a song for her favourite, SRK in Billo Barber free of charge, she is the true Czarina of Bollywood!

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